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Am I the only one suddenly having a heck of a time getting on the Forums?

  • All of a sudden in the last couple of weeks it is nearly impossible for me to get onto the Forums.  Nothing about my computer or the programs and systems on it has changed one iota.

    Dave Nelson

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  • I have some problems too, but, mainly with the "Classic Trains" forum. Also a pesky popup is involved. Ever since they changed the forums a while back, they have not exactly been user friendly. And it seems no matter how much we fuss nobody wants to do anything about it!


  • I have no problems. I just click on the below link in my Bookmarks and log in. I always stay logged out unless I want to post something. I use Firefox web browser. I have not seen any pops ups in many months. I have browser Add ons to prevent pop ups. I also clear History and Cookies regularly.


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  • I too have zero issues getting into any of the forums and I'm here several times / day checking topics in all the various forums.  The "overlay" is on the magazine home page that I don't see as a problem and it can be easily closed.  In fact all the magazine home pages have one going right now as it's the X-Mas SALE SALE SALE time of year.

  • yes someone desidedtoi make it a lot eager to access the forum.

    GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, it takes forever to get on and forever to post a message.


    Alton Junction

  • You should try getting on the "Classic Trains" forum. Might nye impossible today!!!