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Crazy things you've done

  • Built a test track that if you through a switch it was a complete LOOP of track then put a Supercharged Dash 9 on it with 40 cars behind her.  Notch 8 till 4000 MPH and then uncoupled the motor needless to say CARNAGE lost the screenshot when my harddrive crashed.
    Always at war with those that think OTR trucking is EASY.
  • this is the crazyest thing i have ever done is proly got a hhp8 going 180 m.p.h. and launched it into the hudson river.Sign - Oops [#oops]. it was so funny
    I'll work on my spelling. If ya cant fix it with duck tape its not usable anymore. I'm a redneck, my spelling is a litle difreint, keep that in mind and its ok to say aint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My policy, *clearing throat* Me line-men Me no paid to think Me paid to tackle brown ball!!!!