Crazy things you've done

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Crazy things you've done

  • on any train sim, which I've seen on youtube,

    Mine would be running Msts on real time, at 2am, which a GP38 with 17 cars ran the entire route, and ran for 12 hours and 44 minutes. In the end, I wrecked three times, with losing half my train THREE times. And I did it on Vista.
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
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  • On the Innsbruck and St. Anton line, you know those two switches one right after the other about 2 miles or so down the line from St. Anton next to a fence?  I've tried getting my train up to speed and then uncoupling from it, going over the switches, and then having it pass me on the other track.  Never works.
  • I like to run at full throttle down the same route. Never mke it though.(I wonder why?)

    But when a Big boy derails, it looks so, so weird. ever seen smoke go through the cab?

    But I ran a train on a added track on Marias pass(glacier park) off into the gorge.

    I have learned you cannot oout run a chem train downhill even at full throttle in a Dash 9 2of em'

    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • Yeah, I've seen one of the Big Boys derail, and it is rather odd, since the locomotive pretty much splits in

    I had a consist of two CN SD75Is and a BNSF SD70ACe on a 40 car intermodal.  I put it in Run 1 just to get it coasting a little bit, and then let gravity take over.  I got it up to roughly 141 mph before I was an idiot and tried to put it in Run 8 to see what it would do.  That just slowed it down to about 85 to 90 mph, so I got out of it.  You wouldn't believe the sound it made.  It sounded like a jet engine flying by.

  • I have sent the flying scotsman live up to it's name.
    and i have been insane enough to have 20 hhp-8s.

    I once built a hill at shelby, sent a train flying right up the side of it.
    but I accidently forgot about a bridge in the air that was visible in the game.
    A cool car I have that is from a route I downloaded, is the sightseeing car from the gravity railroad.
    You get some cool views, but it can pull several cars!lol.
    on youtube there are some really crazy videos, and type in msts megacoaster, msts glitch causes wrecks. msts wrecks, and there are some thomas influenced videos.
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • Yeah, I've tried downloading that gravity railroad, but I can't figure out what the other two things are that you need to download to get it to work, since there are two XTracks things, and the download link for 3.2 or whatever it was didn't work.

    Now my favorite thing is any supercharged locomotive.  Just crank that puppy up to full throttle and watch her fly to over 2000  (derailments off, naturally)

  • I'm going to have the activity editor send a train starting at speeds in the 1000s. with derailments. better start singing the air force song.Whistling [:-^]
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • can that actually be done?  The first curve, you'd be off the tracks, and the activity would be over in about 1-2  It'd be one hell of a derailment, though, that's for sure.
  • I have no idea, but hey, what the heck? I'll do it anyway.(laughs)
    I might modify a route, like Northeast Corriidor, so that trains will fly. Once.(has evil grin)

    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • Well, I was able to make a custom activity where the result should be a spectacular crash, but it turned out really lame.  I slammed my CN SD75I into UP 1995 (I don't know why, it's a beautiful locomotive), and all that happened was my cars went through the train on the other track, and sent one of the locomotives on UP 1995's train back into the BNSF SD70ACe behind it.  Bottom line, it was lame.

    Well, as long as we're on the topic, here's a pic of the locomotive consist I mentioned that I sent flying down the Innsbruck and St. Anton line.


  • I have done a side swipe, with OE cars on Glacier Siding and me backing at full throttle. *Oops*
    Search MSTS Cops on youtube, it is funny, and there is a series, called the Full Bucketneers.
    Since I have gone over the entire Marias Pass(mainline)-scouting all spots that I can wreck on, so it will be, today the Pass-tomorrow- some more stuff(note-must find track maps elevation, so I can edit it.
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • No, I mean, they went through it.  The other train didn't move.  It was like they were made out of air.  It was dumb.  I just can't seem to make spectacular crashes like the people on YouTube :( lol  Though I have had my Dash 9 go up on one end and then come crashing down on it's top.
  • That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard MSTS do, actually No.1 would be "MSTS glitch causes wrecks!"
    The video has two Dash 9 inside each other!
    Of course, I have had half of a train almost go through the entire wreck, before derailing(stupid, stupid, stupid) But think of MSTS 2..........hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.
    You signature is a bit......odd.(lol-cmon, it's a joke)
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • Yeah, I've had something like that happen to me before, on the I-SA, funnily enough.  My Golsdorf 380 derailed and then the rest of the train went through me.

  • I was able to test the safety of a GE P42's cab going downgrade from St. Anton. My engine came off of a curve in front of a tunnel, and the engine piled up on top of the tunnel portal. I got a picture, but I can't figure out how to put it in here.

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