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Your Favorite RR's?

  • it's a tie between KCS and NS right now

    Your friendly neighborhood CNW fan.

  • Hands down the Southern Railway. Followed by the N&W, Norfolk Southern, and Atlantic Coast Line.


    Nick! :)

  • BN, ATSF, CNW, SP, DRGW, UP, MP, and NP.


    Wants: 1. high-quality, sound equipped, SD40-2s, C636s, C30-7s, and F-units in BN. As for ones that don't cost an arm and a leg, that's out of the question....

    2. An end to the limited-production and other crap that makes models harder to get and more expensive.

  • UP
    M&A Missouri and Arkansas
    Little Rock and Western
    Arkansas Midland
    Arkansas Missouri
    Missouri and Northern Arkansas(no relation to M&A)
    If it ran in Arkansas I like, including Texas and Pacific
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • 1. Union Pacific 

    2. CSX 

    3.Burlington Northern

    4.Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)

    5.Santa Fe 


  • mines BNSF
  • RRC (Respondek Railroad Corporation)
    Illinois Terminal
    Nickel Plate Road
    All others
    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
  • My "favorites" have changed with age. As a kid it seemed like everything I had was Burlington Northern or Sante Fe. Looking back it was mostly because those were the easiest things to get for my train set.

    My favorites today are:

    1: Missouri Pacific (I grew up near their yard in Spring, TX.)

    2: Burlington Northern (specifically remembering the SD-40-2's rumbling through the Iowa countryside.)

    3: Union Pacific (They run the old MOPAC lines and I still live in the same area.)

    I generally favor the railroads around me. Southern Pacific came through here as did MKT.


  • 1.Southeastern Continental Rwy. (my freelanced RR)

    2. Southern Rwy. (Serves the South)

    3. Southern Pacific Rwy.

    4. Norfolk southern

    5. Atchison, topeka, and Santa Fe


    Sawyer Berry

    Clemson University c/o 2018

    Building a protolanced industrial park layout


  • As a Chicagoian it's hard to choose but here it goes.

    1 ICG, Grew up along the Iowa Division, also gotta love the orange/white and orange/gray paint schemes and Paducah rebuilds

    2 C&NW,Also lived within walking distance of Proviso Yard (SD40-2's)

    3 BN My Grandparents lived in Brookfield within walking distance of the station.

    4 IHB Who doesn't love a good belt line, also photographed it alot on the early 90's

    5 CSX lots of cool paint schemes in the early 90's

    6 KCS got hooked on a trip to Kansas City in '94 or '95

    7 Grand Trunk, Geeps and Auto parts

    8 Belt Railway of Chicago, Chicago's only Alcos and an MP-15 thats been wearing a bicentennial paint scheme for 30 years

    9 Chicago Central, short lived but knew how to make an intresting lash-up

    10 CGW before my time really but ran two blocks from my house would have loved to see the great F unit lash-ups in person

    11 On some level really any railroad that does business in Chicago and some that don't 


    Dan Metzger



    2.CR..railroad I grew up watching

    3.D&RGW(narrow gague one)


    5. Funny but AMTRAK



  • 1. Delaware & Hudson

    2. Soo Line

    3. Pennsylvania

    4. New York, New Haven, & Hartford

    5. Norfolk & Western

    6. Canadian Pacific

    D & H - Gone but not forgotten
  • 1. Santa Fe

    2. Southern Pacific

    3. Union Pacific

    4. Burlington Northern

    5. Rio Grande

    6. Pennsylvania

    7. Present-day Canadian National

    In Memory of Matthew P. Kveton Sr. (1909-1997) Former Santa Fe Railway Conductor