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Your Favorite RR's?

  • How many favorite RR's do you guys have? Here goes my list.

    1. Absolute Favorite, Burlington Northern Cascade green rules!

    2. Illinois Central

    3. Santa Fe

    4. Conrail

    5. Southern Pacific

    6. Norfolk Southern

    7. CSX

    8. Union Pacific

    Well thats my list it is long but those are my favorite roads in order.

    Long Live The Burlington Northern!
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  • 1) Wisconsin Central. Duh!

    2) Soo Line (1960+)

    3) Burlington Northern. I bet your happy to hear that!

    4) Milwaukee Road

    After this there not in order.

    5) DMIR. I like there loco's

    6) Denver and Rio Grande Western (1960+) (You can tell I like 2nd generation Desials)

    7) Northfork and Western, I like there name. And where they where located.

    8) Southern Pacific (1960+) Love the locos and Donner Pass

    9) Southern, I liked the Green and the tux scheam

    10) Great Northern, Big Sky Blue Baby!

    11) Western Maryland, Gottal love there paint scheam

    12) Conrail, I don't know why.

    13) PennCentral, Are yos serious!

    14) Western Pacific, I liked where they ran through

    15) Frisco, Liked there paint scheam.

  • My favorite railroads are-

    1. New Haven

    2. New York Central

    3. Lehigh & New England

    4.Mass Central

    5.Boston & Maine

    6.Penn Central

    7.Lehigh Valley

    8.Millwaukee Road

    9.New Hampshire & Vermont

    10.Norfolk & Western

    11.Mower Lumber Co.

    12.Virginia Railway


    14.Pere Marquette

  • 1. Pennsylvania

    2. Reading

    3.Norfolk Southern




    Can you tell i like eastern railways.

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  • 1.Denver and Rio Grande Western of course

    2. Southern Pacific/Cotten Belt

    3.Milwaukee Road

    4 Burlingotn Northern 


    Rio Grande forever
  • 1. CSX

    2. Amtrak

    3. Winchester & Western

  • 1. CSXT

    2. NS

    3. Georgia Central

    4. Rio Grande

    5. Santa Fe

    6. Burlington Northern

    7. Union Pacific

    8. BNSF

    9. Lionel Lines

    "Lionel trains are the standard of the world" - Jousha Lionel Cowen

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  • Norfolk & Western(obvious)







    D&RGW narrow gauge

    Norfolk Southern

    Northern Pacific

    Great Northern

  • 1. Southern Pacific

    2. Union Pacific

    3. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe

    4. Burlington Northern (the cascade green paint jobs remind me of our band uniforms)

    5. Every other western railroad

    Lionel collector, stuck in an N scaler's modelling space.

  • 1. Union Pacific (I model Echo Canyon, love TTG, hate the yellow s**t)

    2. D&RGW (Local Favorite, and I love the mountains)

    3. Burlington Northern (It's those darn SD70MAC's)

    4. AT&SF (Love the warbonnets, and their 4-8-4's)

    5. BNSF (See it everyday)

    6. Southern Pacific (GS-4 and AC-12)


    I dislike any RR that is mostly east of the Mississippi.



  • "I dislike any RR that is mostly east of the Mississippi."

    Just curious, but why? I'm not trying to start a flame war or anything, just wondering.

    Mine are:







    The question of what CSX stands for comes up frequently on these forums, so here you go. C=Chessie S=Seaboard, X=Many More/The RR's that Chessie and Seaboard were comprised of (L&N, C&O, SCL, etc)
  • Mainline

    1. Milwalkee

    2. Spokane Portland & Seattle

    3. Nothern Pacific/Great Northern

    4. BN/BNSF

    5. Southern Pacific/ Rio Grande


    1.Denver RioGrande & Western

    2.Sumpter Valley

    3.Tacoma Eastern

    4.Weyerhouser Co.

    5.Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Co. (Home colors)

    6. Walla Walla Valley Traction Co.

    I see a theme here....

    Ya, UP could fall off the fase of the earth for all I care, too many horror stories from crews, the one RR I will never work.

    "I'm as alive and awake as the dead without it" Patrick, Snoqualmie WA. Member of North West Railway Museum Caffinallics Anomus (Me)
  • 1. BNSF

    2. NS

    3. UP

    4. MTL

    5. CSXT

    6. CN

    7. KCS

    8. CP

    9. DRGW

    10. Wisconsin Central 




    Modeling NS One Locomotive At a Time

  • NYC