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Anybody 13 ,and like norfolk southern?

  • Title says it all.
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  • I'm 13, and CSX is my favorite but NS aint bad! Big Smile [:D]

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  • i'm 14 and like ns
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  • I am 13 and do like ns.


  • I'm 16 and like UP, but NS aint a bad railroad.

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  • Is 17 too old? I like NS, especially their older power and the new SD70M-2s!
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  • I'm 13 and like NS... but I would prefer they were Norfolk and Western still



  • I'm 15 like BNSF but NS is a close second. THey are all over where I live.


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  • im 12-almost 13-and i agreeSmile [:)]
  • hey tater!

    where do you live? I live in east SF bay area and a BNSF train passes about 2,000 feet from my house everyday!!!  it is so annoying!Banged Head [banghead]

  • Oh, I live in north eastern Indiana and about 30 miles away from one of NS freight yard in Elhkart IN.


    Modeling NS One Locomotive At a Time


    I'm 16. The NS is okay and I guess you could say its my favorite modern railroad, but I still prefer the Southern Railway. But hey, if the N&W hadn't merged with the Southern, then its likely the 611 and 1218 would have never been restored to operation, let alone operate in famous places like Saluda and the Loops between Old Fort and Ridgecrest.

    In fact, before Flagg Coal #75 visited the South Carolina RR Museum in October, the 611 was the last steamer to operate in the state of SC.


    Nick! :)

  • UP is my favorite RR, but the eastern pick is NS.

    It's also my mom's favorite railroad.

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  • My b-day was 1/26/94 so now i'm 14
  • Mine is 12-14-93. Today I have seen 3 NS Dash 9s, a NS ES44DC, a CP ES44AC, and a KCS Belle unit.
    Ah, a typical normal day on the old UP. JK.
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!