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Help Encourage A Forum Member

  • I received an email today from Bob and Nance in Arizona. Bob is not feeling well and they have had to postpone their Amtrak trip. I am not at liberty to disclose much more than this. I know many of you will want to help encourage Bob to get well. I know that many of you will also want to remember him in your daily prayers. Please join with me in wishing Bob a speedy recovery and remembering him in prayer.

    Bob and Nance might let us know a little more later but until they do please keep them in your thoughts. If you want to view their profile (or email them) it is Nance69.

    Thank you in advance for making a post and saying a prayer for them. [:)]
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  • Oh yeah
    We will keep them in our prayers.
    stay safe

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  • I'll keep you in my prayers, Bob. Hang in there! Me and all your friends here on the forums are hoping you'll be back on soon.
  • Bob - you can't let the losing Cornhuskers distress you like this! After all, there is life after this season - We hope!

    So get your questions together and get back here on the forum so we can visit some more!


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  • Get well soon :)
  • The folks of the Alpha and Omega Railroad Ministry (a part of the Weirs Methodist CHurch) will lift you up in prayer next Sunday Bob as well as in my own prayers too. As Lay Leader of the Church I've seen things more powerful than a locomotive happen as will of God.

    Remember as the Train needs a tressle to bridge over a river, we count on our faith in Jesus to bridge over troubled waters back to God.
  • You all are great! Thanks for your good wishes and prayers--it cheers me up!
    My secretary is writing this as usual---she is also my wife and such a dear, sweet, adorable darling---(As long as I am writing this--I think that I should use some positive adjectives to describe myself, don't you Mookie??) And yes, it is disheartening that the Corn Huskers are losing, but we Nebraskans know they will come back!!! Again thanks to you all--you brighten my days with the forum messages, give both Nance and me some good laughs, and a lot of good information. You all should check out he Alpha and Omega RR--that's a neat idea.
    Bob from AZ
  • I'm not good at writing stuff like this but Jim alerted me to the situation and I thought I should at least say something.

    Get well soon and I'll wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, too.

    the ironhorseman jeff

    yad sdrawkcab s'ti

  • ....Bob, I too want to send good wishes along from the midwest. Name here is Modelcar aka, Quentin Mong from Muncie, In. I am a railfan from many decades ago too and also believe as another post above here stated: The power of prayer is stronger than modern locomotives on the head end and with mid train helpers as well...! Let your faith bring you through. It won't fail....


  • Bob, our wishes and prayers are with you. We wish you a quick recovery.
    Alex and your friends from
  • I just wanted to thank everyone for making a post of encouragement to Bob. I know he is being encouraged by them so keep them coming. [:)]

    Again, Thanks. [:)]
  • Bob, here's from another one praying for you. Jesus, sweetest name I know. FDM
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  • Bob I In My Prayers Also Get Well Soon Buddy.
  • Once again thanks all for your post. I know it helps cheer up Bob. [:)]

    Keep the get well posts coming. Thanks again. [:)]
  • Bob is cheered up by all of your posts .The forum members are a terrific group of people. I've been reading all of them to him as well as posts from the other threads. More doctor appts and tests are coming up . I'll keep you posted. And thanks again.