My late mother's husband quotes this at regular intervals in conversation about anything technical. When I asked, he said it came from an April 1951 issue of Model Railroader, but I can't find it in any issue around that date, so far. It goes like this:

The Sonic Diablola A/C Double Filter Half-Wave Twin Mastoid System of Power Distribution.
Now in order to keep that humming well, you have to keep the X-leg of ZY circuit non-conductive at less than 48 micro-farads, otherwise you have to tune the facilitate tuning coil to one of about 3-ohms less resistance. That is of course, after allowing for the cross-voltage tuning variation.
Now, if that's done properly, a UHF parabolic type transmitter kicks in.
Now what this does it to keep the bull-gear from jumping the heifer gear, and that's how you keep things running.