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2 Amtrak locomotive questions (one is California related)

  • How come on some Dash 8's there is sometimes a square of paint that has not been repainted? I have seeen and photographed both of the Amtrak California Dash 8's and seen photos of standard Amtrak ones that are like this and now I can't stop wondering why.

    Also, I have noticed alot of P42's on the Amtrak California routes instead of F59-PHI's or Dash 8's, specificaly P42 #145 which has been pushing/pulling Capitols for around a couple months now. When I have passed by the Oakland yard I always see several F59-PHI's so it's not like there aren't any around to push or pull Capitol trains. Is there are reason they are using P42's or none at all? I'm just curious.
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  • where is that patch you are talking about. Also locomotives are used if they are there and aviable for service.
    Always at war with those that think OTR trucking is EASY.
  • The patch is right next to the cab. There is also always a vent on the top half.
  • Sounds like it might be the air conditioner by not painting them they are easier to replace
    Always at war with those that think OTR trucking is EASY.
  • Ohhh ok. That makes sense. That was one of my theories I had. Thanks.