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Trackside with Erik and Mike, Vol. 25: February 21, 2005

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    Originally posted by Chris Owens

    Photo # 2 was great! a very good shot! but kind of straight on, not a hard shot...But I really like and voted for photo # 2, Because it was a heck of a shot I think it was a difficult shot and it worked out great, with the light and darkness, Such detail! Way to Go! two thumbs up!!!!!! BY ERIKTIMMY[}:)][8D]

  • Hate the snow but like the color contrast in photo No. 2.
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by theswitchman

    This was a tough choice for me but I voted for the more artsy #1.
    I thought Mike and Erik took most of their photos in Wisconsin so I couldnt figure out what those UP C44ACCTEs were doing in Cheeseland.

    UP has big customers in Wisconsin. Besides, they can't only run their "junk" up here!

    I liked photo #1, although, as always, it was a really close choice. The SOO engine looks sharp in the unusual lighting conditions!

  • #2 was definitly the better photo. #1 was to dark and was not well focused. The lighting in #2 was pefect and it was a good sharp image with an uncluttered backround.
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  • Photo one is just a more interesting picture. The long line of engines is interesting (is that 5 or 6 units) but is otherwise pretty generic.
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    Y6bs evergreen in my mind

  • That shot in the wrap of the school bus crossing is just frightening!

    I have a 75-300 too, and I know about compression, but that looks bad!

    I've seen similar things from loco and railcar cabs, and in one case moved back into the car while a truck just got clear in time.

  • Well the seven did have all red at the next signal and maybe he slowed enough the gate detection circuit raised the gates ya think? Just another thing I noticed in the zoom shot.
  • Photo 2 has everything going for it: breathtaking sky, perfect sunlight, my favorite locomotive model... and yet I chose photo 1. It was just slightly better.
  • Number 2!
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