Trackside with Erik and Mike, Vol. 25: February 21, 2005

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Trackside with Erik and Mike, Vol. 25: February 21, 2005

  • In our online feature, Trackside with Erik and Mike, staff members Erik Bergstrom and Mike Yuhas go trackside and share their photo results with you. In each installment, we’ll include let our users vote on who got the best shot. Read this week’s installment.

    Please vote and then share your comments.
    Erik Bergstrom
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  • Ooooooo!!! All I can say is SOO+Early morning light+UP photo as other choice(bleck)= Vote for Number 1!! It's absolutely awesome! I love it.

  • It has to be Photo 1! What an amazing shot! It just grabs you!
  • The lights and lighting make it #1
  • Six big ones on UP, awesome.


  • Instead of being a techie, let me put it another way.

    Photo 1: Too much background light makes the loco dark but I do love the light on the stacks.

    Photo 2: Snow, yes. Partly/Mostly Sunny, Yes. A bunch of units to round out a very nice photo, YES!!!!

    #2 is the winner!!!!!!!!
  • Great lighting effects on #1 gets my vote.
    I'm not a UP fan which doesn't help.
  • photo 2 is my pick because it has my favorite road the up.
  • This was a tough choice for me but I voted for the more artsy #1.
    I thought Mike and Erik took most of their photos in Wisconsin so I couldnt figure out what those UP C44ACCTEs were doing in Cheeseland.
  • Anybody and everybody does 3/4 shots of locomotives. Photo #1 showed something in a different position.
  • The guy picked two good photos, made for a hard choice. I voted for #1 the lighting made the shot.
  • Gotta go with #1. #2 was good but kinda ordinary.
  • Photo #1 is the more intriguing.
  • Gotta go with Photo #1 for selfish reasons...if I knew where the shot was taken, I could safely say my freight was on board.
  • Nahhhhh-eeeeeSS!!!! Both are sharp photos, too be sure, but the SOO shot what a tich more haunting to me...eeny, meeny, meinie-mo.......