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CN, CP or Other?

  • CN has always been a class operation. My contacts with them,espically after they were spun out of government ownership have been quite good! They actually have railfans in the ranks and a reference to 6060, or 6218 might draw a friendly reminiscence from some of their people. CP is also a class operation and their people are a bit less willing to admit they are railfans, at least when they are on the"clock". The US systems could learn a thing or two about PR from both of them.
  • Neither, it seems where I live they pulled up their tracks and left, after having been given 1/2 of Canada IF they provide rail service, hey, we want our land back eh?
  • CP of course
  • I like CP because they are more of a railroad. They dont need to paint every engine right away ( thats my SOO Line ) and they are a lot nicer about things. If your on property in many different yards, ive had a lot of guys tell me stories and tell me where a good photo op is or when the next train is coming. I have to like CN too, because they are doing great. I have to like them because of the DMIR and the WC! If they are going to be succesful, im glad the WC and DMIR are along for the ride.

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