CN, CP or Other?

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CN, CP or Other?

  • Which Canadian Railway do you prefer? Do you like CN or CP? I can not make up my mind between them.[banghead]

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  • CN Because they have DC traction SD70's and SD75's!!!!!![:D]
  • I will probably always chose CP over CN any day of the week.
  • CP has a more scenic route through the Rockies[:)].
    Ride Amtrak. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool.
  • I have to go with CP, they seems more "Canadian" than CN does.

    Nothing like a big golden beaver on the side of ones road power. [:D]
  • It has to be CP-- they started it all many years ago and linked up Canada- besides I worked for them a few years ago so.
    2860 Restoration Crew
  • If this question would have been asked in the 1970's before Via Rail I would have selected CN as they were the most agressive passenger rail system in North America at that time and earlier even before Amtrak. All one had to do was ride the Canadian in those days and see the thresd bare carpets, scratched walls and worn upholstery in the Budd cars. Not like todays refurbished Canadian Budd cars. The CN was busy putting a best foot forward while CP like so many U S roads was just waiting to get out of the passenger business. CN today is one of the most aggressive roads in Freight today. But I voted for the CP as they are operating the Business car train that is truly a glimpse at first class rail travel that few can afford and even fewer will ever enjoy.
  • CP built the first transcontinental rail line across Canada.They also had better looking steam engines,and ran FM C Liners and H Liners into the early 70s[:)].
    I especially liked the 2-10-4 Selkirks,even though I never saw one.
    Ride Amtrak. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool.
  • I liked the CP over the CN anyday. Although at Steamtown National Historic site we have a Canadian National Mikado 3254 that is operational and Canadian Pacific G-3-C Pacific 2317 that is also operational. I like the CP because they seem to me like a railroad that preserves and enhances it's own history. They also have a 4-6-4 Canadian Pacific 2816 Steam Locomotive operational, beautiful locomotive.
  • Canadian Pacific EVERYDAY!!!!

    Canadian History, Operating steam, AC4400's & loads of SD40-2's!
    First true trans-continental railroad & the first railroad I remember railfanning back in the 70's.

    It also happens to be the railroad I'm modeling. [:D]


    Brought to you by the letters C.P.R. as well as D&H!

     K1a - all the way

  • CP.
  • Yeah, CP. But I'd be more enthusiastic if the Kettle Valley Railway still existed. And I've decided CN 4-8-4s are the best looking Northerns ever built. But still, CP.
  • It was a hard choice but CP in the end.The history speaks to it all. TB
  • I like both railroads, but since CN needs the votes (trailing badly in the poll), I'll go with CN on the basis that it's the railroad most Canadians identify with on a daily basis. Of the two, CN was the only railroad to serve all ten provinces, though all railroading has ceased since on the island of Newfoundland and on Prince Edward Island. Still, today, CP doesn't serve Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, and just barely enters Quebec at Montreal. In other words, CP has no presence anywhere in Canada's largest province (except for its largest city) or in the Maritimes.

    When it comes to serving major ocean ports, CP runs from Vancouver in the west to Montreal in the east. That's it. CN serves these, too, but alone serves the major port of Halifax, NS and the growing port of Prince Rupert, BC. If the port of Churchill, Manitoba ever comes into its own, traffic will be funneled onto CN though the shortline that once was the CN line to the town.

    CN has the best crossing of the Continental Divide in North America. It's a bit longer than CP's route, but CN is clearly the low-cost railroad in Canada due to its lack of grades.

    If you're riding an intercity passenger train in Canada you're very likely to only witness CN trains along the route, as CP's participation with VIA is limited.

    As the poll indicates, CN is not the more popular of the two railroads, but it certainly is the one most Canadians think of when railroading comes to mind.

    Mark Meyer

  • I like CN (oh yes VerMontanan, they do oviously need the votes badly in this poll).

    By the way: can anybody provide information (drawings, URL, photos) about the track layout of CN's waterfront yard in Prince Rupert / BC?

    I just happen to model the area but unfortunately I have never been there.