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"Mike and Erik" or "Erik and Mike"

  • hi guys . The name thing whatever you guys like . but fuzzy;s idea on the pictures of mixing them up is a good idea , by every so often have members submit photos to . I have some great photos some steam units that I would like too submit.
  • I like the sound of Erik and Mike better and the names are listed alphabetically. So my vote is to keep the title the way it is.
  • Yeah, I always cheer for the underdog. Go Mike go!
  • No real comment
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  • We're all "Railfans" so why not go with "Railfan Photos"?

  • QUOTE: Originally posted by mikeyuhas

    For a year now, I've tried to cajole, maneuver, argue, bicker and downright plead with my good friend Mr. Bergstrom that the name of our fabulously popular regular feature be named "Trackside with Mike and Erik," as opposed to "Trackside with Erik and Mike." So far, he's resisted.

    Hey, throw me a bone, okay?

    Sorry, I can't vote since my real first name is the same as one of the contenders and that puts me in a conflict of interest.

    That is, unless one of you is willing to send me a large suitcase full of CSB (Cash, Small Bills). Unmarked of course. [:D]


    It's really kind of hard to support your local hobby shop when the nearest hobby shop that's worth the name is a 150 mile roundtrip.
  • Does it really matter?
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  • Sorry mike, but I think that Erik and Mike sounds better. It just does. Either way is good, but it's barely a winner. Plus good ol' bergie is a good moderator!

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  • I would keep it the same. Easier to say.
  • Mike I voted and leave it because you must had nothing better to do but read "Erik and Mike." This shows you are not focusing on your work!!!
  • IF one uses last names Mike (Yuhas) has to follow Erik (Bergstrom). [:p]However, [X-)]let's use a cruder[B)], and more fun[:p] way: Pick out a photo (old style film or electronic) the [:D]best each of you have , put 'em up and let us decide it![%-)][D)][soapbox] That is if you dare![}:)]