"Mike and Erik" or "Erik and Mike"

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"Mike and Erik" or "Erik and Mike"

  • For a year now, I've tried to cajole, maneuver, argue, bicker and downright plead with my good friend Mr. Bergstrom that the name of our fabulously popular trains.com regular feature be named "Trackside with Mike and Erik," as opposed to "Trackside with Erik and Mike." So far, he's resisted.

    Hey, throw me a bone, okay?

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  • Mike and Erik sounds easier on the ears.Maybe you could alternate monthly.
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  • I've always thought the same, that trackside with Mike and Erik sounds better. It just rolls off the tongue better and sounds better to the ear. Sorry Begie, this is one that you may have lost!

  • I just have to say, since Erik starts/moderates the thread/poll not you, than he gets his name first. When you guys first started the Trackside thing, you should have taken the initiative and ran it yourself. That way you get priority for the name. I know that Erik doesn't get out to shoot as often as you, but unless you take over, than he can keep it with his name first... Now can't he? Plus I really can't see how either way sounds better.
  • Well, seeing as this is about the one year anniversary, I think you guys should switch it up. But come next year I think it should be Erik's turn to be first again [:)][tup]. But then again, I do believe Erik is leading in the overall wins, maybe he does deserve it.....[:)]
  • Maybe best if the name goes to each weeks winner. Like the reward for the favored photo.
  • Instead of trying to inflate any individual's ego, why don't we just call it "Trackside with The Guys". After one year the readers know who you are and have a brief insight into your respective personalities.Mike and Erik, Erik and Mike " a rose by anyother name ... "
    Trackside with The Guys and then you can bring in all your other photography buddies as you did on rare occasions in the past year[:D]
  • Mike, Mike, Mike...

    I'm a great fan of your website. Many nice pictures, and kudos on the WSOR Superior Sub pictures!

    As far as I know, Erik does not have a website of his own, to showcase his wonderful photography. At least I haven't seen it! Let him have his "glory" here.

    Or better yet, just call it "Trackside..."! And use guest photographers any time you want to do an "anonymous" vote, just to keep things interesting... Mix things up a little!

    ... See, even I have a website:
  • BTW, I also like the two post just before mine!!!
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by hontell

    Maybe best if the name goes to each weeks winner. Like the reward for the favored photo.

    That's a good idea.
    Just think one week we might read Mike's Trackside and maybe if the cards fall right we might be able to read Erik's Trackside every once in a while.
  • I thought it should be Bill and Ted! [:D]
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  • QUOTE: Originally posted by fuzzybroken

    Or better yet, just call it "Trackside..."! And use guest photographers any time you want to do an "anonymous" vote, just to keep things interesting... Mix things up a little!

    -Mark Hintz
    (See, even I have a website! -MH)

    The 'anonymous' contributor is a very interesting idea. I wonder if there could be TWO contests: one for Mike & Erik (or Erik & Mike), and another contest for contributions from readers.

    If Fuzzy's idea doesn't ring your bell, how about the name for the established contest being just "Trackside Photo Contest". I know that is a very boring name, but it would bypass the name issue, just like Fuzzy's idea.

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  • "TWME" or "TWEM"?
    Has it come down to egos?

    When the frozen tundra melts and I crawl out of the basement I revert to my other high horsepower endevour... the Vette. But during hibernation months I spend time in front of the tube watching whatever. And one of the shows involves 2 gentlemen discussing all things automotive. To avoid egos over whose name is where, the show is titled 2 Guys Garage. So, if it works for tv it can work for this forum. 2 Guys Trackside, Trackside With The Guys. Trackside. Or any other similar concept. Drop the attitude and leave the names off the title.
  • I think you two should stop arguing about the name and more worry about putting out great pictures that everyone can enjoy. Just have the name be "Going Trackside" it sounds interesting and may gain more readers. I also would like to see a picture from a member put into it and see how their pictures do compared to yours. But they would still have to follow the rules that you guys do with no changing the picture. Keep up the good work
  • Why not change your names? It could be "Trackside with Romulus and Remus" or "with BJ and The Bear" or "with Lavern & Shirley." UH-OH. It's true. I DON'T have anything worthwhile to say!