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  • I've heard the bit about the 4449 not being able to go in via the north end of Union Station too. I can't say I know the track layout around the area, but if it can't come North to South through Union Station, how is it supposed to get from South to North on August 2nd? Maybe there's a way, I really don't know. Like I said, my gut makes me think it will probably go down the BNSF as advertise. But there's still the possibility out there.
    Anyway, I have pictures to share. Not the LS&I yet, but I'll get there. On Sunday I went after the UP's Operation Life Saver special at Adams, and there are less of those photos, so I edited them first.
    They ran trains every two hours west out of Adams, with a round trip that took about an hour. We arrived in time to catch the 1100 train returning at Dellwood. The WP heritage unit was supposed to be on this end of the train, but it had a failure and was cut off a couple of weeks ago, so we were stuck with a dirty UP unit on the east end of the train:
    Passing a part of the CNW's old telegraph line. It's neat to see the line still in place, but runs along the railroad like this for a loooong ways. It tends to get in the way of good photos an awful lot:
    The Katy unit was on the other end, but I have better shots of it that shall come later.
    We had picked up tickets for the 1pm on train on the way over, so we went back to await boarding and take a good upclose look at the train. The view from inside the first coach behind the 1988, the City of Salina:
    The UP has raised track speed to 50MPH from Adams to Wyeville, and it made for a wondefully smooth ride. The train made it a little ways west of Necedah before they had to turn around. While I've photographed the OLI specials before I've never ridden behind one, so it was nice to get the chance.
    After arrival back at Adams, we staked out photo locations and waited for the 1988 to run west with the 3pm (and last) train. Right on time he backed out of the siding and headed for Necedah, seen here at the west end of the yard:
    We attempted to chase, but chasing on the Adams line has always been hard. The roads run due North-South and East-West, while the railroad cuts diagonally through the countryside. With track speeds having been raised to 50mph, it was hopeless. We ended up settling for shots as the train arrived back at Adams. The E9B 963 was in the consist providing HEP:
    Following it was the business car Feather River, Coach Sunshine Special, Dome Columbine, coach City of Salina, and the 1988. The Katy unit isn't my favorite Heritage unit (I would have rather had the CNW unit myself, or the Rio Grande unit), but it's better than a regular UP unit. After lining the switch into the yard, the train proceeded ahead to drop off it's final load of passengers:
    We knew they would be making a deadhead move towards the Twin Cities in an hour or so, but the clouds were thickening, and as we'd just found out, chasing would be pretty much impossible anyway, so we decided to head home. It was a good day though, and it was nice to take a train ride over track that one seldom gets a chance to be on.
    LS&I photos coming sooner rather than later, and I also took a few photos of the WSOR local last night making a rare (for the last few months anyway) daylight run.
  • Nice photos, Noah!

    Now I'm hearing 4449 can't enter the south end of Union Station either, and that the engine is not allowed into Union Station at all. Looks like it may be cut off the train at the Amtrak Lumber Street Yard. It will then be put back on the train when it leaves Union Station the next day, probably again at Lumber Street. It also sounds like the day 4449 lays over in Chicago, they are going to move it from the south end of Union Station to the north end via a UP and CP routing. I would guess it would be stored at Weestern Avenue Yard and that is also where the 4449 would be put back on the train for the trip ro Milwaukee. It really seems like Union Station is going to be the biggest pain for 4449 crews.

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  • I have about 50 pictures to sort through and edit from yesterday. Most of them are sucky grab shots from onboard the train, so I won't even bother with those.

    I'll get a trip report up later.

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  •  Hey Jordan.....I got them shots of that TPPX car and put them in the sim....What do ya think??








    I also did a story of LO11 and ya can see it here: 

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