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  • I use T1 wireless here at my home in north central Illinois, a very fast system.

    Wadda ya mean I'm old ? Just because I remember gasoline at 9 cents a gallon and those big coal burning steamers.

  • Bell Sympatico High speed DSL service.

    Much better then Dial up, however, I find this site is still very slow to load...

    everyhting is zippitty, but this site isn't...
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by macguy

    Cable modem for the past 5 or 6 years now, I don't even remember what those dial-ups sound like anymore.



    now connected at... XX K
  • I use 56k dial up. Just wish I could type faster.
  • SBCYahoo dail up works great for me living in the country.
  • I use Bell Canada high speed internet service here in Scarborough, Ont. and have great speed in accessing Trains.
  • We're on mediacom high speed internet here in s.e. Iowa, works a whole lot faster than the old 56k dialup did..........I log on to trains .com & boom, it's there!...........have a good one you all.............machinistman.
  • Were still waiting for our cable modems. We were told last year and the year before that, we were going to get them. Well finally, we are getting year. So I use 56k and home and use the school computers T1's for quick access. Wow, what a difference. Sure comes in handy when looking at two pages at once.

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  • I use 56k modem, but, it's really annoying. There isn't a problem with the modem, our phone lines are stock early 1970's hardware. We get 26k out of them tops. I wi***hey would upgrade them.


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  • Please get rid of the modem survey. Casey7