Reader Poll - February 2004

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  • What kind of Internet connection do you typically use to access Please vote then share your comments.

    Polls on are not scientific and reflect only the opinions of the users who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general, the readers of our magazines, nor the public as a whole. Bottom line, our polls are meant for fun and to stimulate conversation amongst our forum users.
    Erik Bergstrom
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  • Do like the cable speed, however, getting a little bit expensive here in NE PA. The tele is free for the wife and she does enjoy that, leaves me to surf as long as I like.
  • I use Cox High Speed Internet to access
  • Checked DSL or Cable from Home but actually using a High Speed Wireless system.
  • Wish I could afford to get off of this 56K system.[:(]
  • I did answer this poll from home on a 56K, but I usually check the newswire everyday from the broadband at work.
  • With cable I can quickly navigate through, it is especially good for viewing video such as the rail webcam.

  • I use 28K-36K dialup, best we can get out here in the country, thinking of getting sattelite, but that would add $100 to our Directv bill, we can't get cable in the country, either.
  • I have 56k, and this site is really slow! It is still worth it, but not the forums. WHy is it slower than most?
  • I use Yahoo DSL service and it is so much better, faster and more reliable then my prior dialup service in rural southwest Texas (Alpine) where there was no alternative. Since moving to Midland in March of last year, where modern services are available, the two best features I experienced were far more important than a little speed, since my early iMac of 1999 has only a fraction of the computing power of the new G-4s (my iMac is 10 times faster than my old IICI), are the independent use of internet connection and voice telephone on the same line, plus an almost unbelievable increase in reliability, availability and servicabilty of the SBC Yahoo system. (In the old (1980's & early 90's) large IBM main-frame systems, we called that RAS, and it was the most important measurement tool used to determine the effectiveness of service to a client (user) community. (It also determined our financial compensation increases -- or decreases.) Get SBC Yahoo DSL ——— it works, it's reasonable, and it's on your phone bill. No, I don't work for them or own their stock. I am a retired computer analyst from FMC Corporation. We built the early Bradey Fighting Vehicles.
    Bob Flint
    Midland, TX
    P.S. I used to travel Amtrak (as a tourist) all over the US in the early 1990's -- about 30,000 miles worth. Can't do that musch any more and sure miss it.
  • At home 26,400 on dial up 56k.

    At work T1

    the highlight of the online day!

    Doug, in Utah
    Doug, in UtaH
  • I have digital cable here in eastern Ne. it is faster than the dial up I use to have. It is so much faster, Ilike it better. Raillayer
  • Home broadband here with a 56k backup


    Brought to you by the letters C.P.R. as well as D&H!

     K1a - all the way

  • Now use DSL, very fast at 320 kbps and very cheap, about $45.95 and a free cable modem from local telephone company here in Washington St.
  • Cox cable user with speeds routinely around 2 Mbps and up to 3 Mbps on occassion. Would I change? Never................................