When things get too hot: The No. 279-5927 Fire Station No. 9 from Menards

Posted by Bob Keller
on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Fire Station 9 has a familiar look that could be the fire department of any town in America.

Of all the interesting buildings offered by Menards, Fire Station no. 9 might have the best light show!

The brick structure itself could have been erected anywhere from the 1950s to today. It has three bays and a helipad on the roof. 

Two of the bays are open with fire engines poised at the entries. One door os closed. All three have three LEDs above the door.

 Up top the helipad has a safety ring with LEDs in the circle.

Down by the entry you’ll find an American flag and pole – but with two LEDs in the foundation to illuminate Old Glory. It is nice, unpowered. But hit the juice and things start to happen.

The helicopter blades slowly begin to rotate. The safety LEDs (white and red) begin to flash in sequence red/white/red/white).

The nine LEDs above the truck bays start to flash. The trucks slowly begin to move out of the bays, pause, and move back to their starting spot. Then repeat the movement. I thought the neatest thing was the light show inside the bays.

The flashing red lights reflect off the interior walls, creating a pretty neat show.  The kaleidoscope of red lights is even more impressive than the nuclear power plant!

The building requires Menards 4.5volt power system (sold separately).

Fire Station No. 9 costs $109. Order online at and opt for free shipment to your local Menards store. 

The building has two moving fire trucks, a helicopter with rotating blades, and an illuminated flagpole.

To firefighters approach the helicopter and take care to avoid the blades.

It looks good in the daylight, but is spectacular in dim lighting.

The pumper truck slowly moves out and back.

The three groups of three red LEDs above each bay help clear the streets for the trucks.

The half the lights flash white.

The other half flash red.

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