Pennsylvania tour: The overwhelming Strasburg experience

Posted by Brian Schmidt
on Saturday, October 12, 2019

Perhaps this is obvious to someone who's been there, but before this past weekend I had not. There is a lot to do at Strasburg.

Even when No. 611 isn't in town, the Strasburg Rail Road has a lot to offer. There are, of course, train rides, but also gift shops, a restaurant, and kids' rides. While I can't see myself returning for a special event (it was that crazy with No. 611), I'm already plotting my return to Paradise.

Just across the street is the wonderful Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. While I'm an avowed New York Central fan, I still managed to find a few things in the collection to admire. A Conrail-painted GP30 is quite wonderful, regardless of its heritage, and outside sits an underappreciated piece of locomotive history: Monongahela Connecting's Alco C415 with Hi-Ad trucks. Regardless of your bend, if you like something about Pennsylvania railroads, you'll find something to like here.

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