This is Switzerland: Matterhorn, I love your face

on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

This might be my favorite day yet. We rode the Gornergrat Cog Railway, Europe’s highest open-air cog, up to the summit of Gornegrat at 10, 171 feet … and the view of the Matterhorn was just awesome. Here we were able to see and touch snow on the mountains. No sooner had I commented on how there was no yellow snow up there, and another gentleman heard me and chuckled. Just when you think you’re at the top of a mountain and no one will hear your snark! Not too much later, I saw two dogs trotting around. The Swiss will take their dogs anywhere. But, I still encountered no yellow snow.. From this vantage point, the landscape of the Swiss Alps looks like something out of a Star Wars movie. From afar, the snow looked smooth and swirly. The mountains that were not snow-covered are varying degrees of hard, crumbly, shiny, and smooth. Yes, those are technical geological terms. OK, fine. I can do better: limestone, dolomite, marl, sandstone, granite, gneiss, anhydride, gypsum, and slate, depending on where you are among them. Once at the top, there’s a nice museum of alps history, as well as the world’s largest chocolate Matterhorn. If I could ride another Swiss cog railway again, this would be it. And then too soon, we made our way back down to Zermatt Bahnhof to take two trains to Brig.

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