Beer Line exhibit ... enjoy with appropriate beverages

Posted by Jim Wrinn
on Friday, December 01, 2017

Where would you put a photo exhibit about the famous Milwaukee Road Beer Line if you had your choice of places? A brewery, of course! That’s what the Center for Railroad Photography & Art is doing with its photographic study of the Wallace W. Abbey images that record this famous freight route that served the industry that made Milwaukee famous and that included famous Fairbanks-Morse diesels for motive power. It opened Thursday night, and the Trains staff was there to check it out while enjoying, appropriately, one of the establishment’s finest products, a Smokehouse lager (which does indeed have a lingering coal-flavored taste and a tap handle with a Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 on it). Best of all, Lakefront Brewery is located in the Riverwest section of Milwaukee, and the tracks of the Beer Line were once located out front. The exhibit is up through Feb. 5, says Scott Lothes, the center’s executive director. View it, we recommend, with a friend and a beverage.

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