'Selling Sunshine' is almost ready. What would you like to see next?

Posted by Jim Wrinn
on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Last week we put the final touches on Rich Luckin’s latest documentary video for Trains. “Selling Sunshine, the Florida Trains,” will be available next month available directly from us (see the link at ww.TrainsMag.com) and also coming to a PBS station near you. The video is a great tribute to the Florida railroads that built the Sunshine state and continue to influence its growth and development. Fans of Atlantic Coast Line, Seaboard Air Line, Seaboard Coast Line, Florida East Coast, Auto Train, and Amtrak will be eager to see this. So will those who follow Henry B. Plant, Henry Flagler, and the Key West Extension. And it comes with almost 24 minutes of bonus footage, so it’s a real date night feature. This is our second video with Rich, following his 2016 documentary, “20th Century Limited,” about the famous New York Central passenger train between New York and Chicago. We’ve got other great ideas about projects with Rich and videographer Kevin Gilliam, who produced our latest title, “Big Steam is Back,” in June. But I wanted to toss the idea out to all of you. What video would you like to see us tackle next? We’ve got ideas that revolve around famous locomotives, named trains, and big events in the history of railroading. But in the spirit of leaving no good idea on the table, I’d love to hear what excites you, our customers. So, in the comments below or in an email to me (editor@trainsmag.com), let me know what you want to see in full-length feature videos. Meanwhile, check out our growing catalog of video that is available for purchase and live streaming. Thanks, and have a great day!   

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