Locomotives in print, on video, and one of EMD's best alive and well

Posted by Jim Wrinn
on Sunday, July 09, 2017

Locomotives are on my mind. It’s not that they aren’t normally too far from my thinking, but in this case, they’re even closer to the forefront than usual. The reason is that on Monday, we’ll be meeting with Greg McDonnell, editor of our annual publication, Locomotive, to review the feature story layouts that you’ll soon find in the 2017 edition. I got a sneak peek last week: The graphic artists we work with post their completed layouts, and I found a delightful mix of stories about locomotives new and old, on their last legs or newly remanufactured, and coast-to-coast. Just as North American motive power is a swirl of GE, EMD, or other builders, so is Greg’s special edition. This year’s edition will come with a new twist: Our first Locomotive video, produced by our monthly Trains Locomotive columnist Chris Guss. Both will be available in September.

While we’re talking about locomotives, we recently got a good look at Metra’s former Rock Island shop, where plenty of motive power was on display, including the iconic F40PH. Metra graciously allowed 90 Trains readers the chance to visit, and we were delighted at the access to the shops and rolling stock. Metra is still one of the largest users of the F40 locomotive, and observation of commuter train operations at Elmhurst, Ill., confirmed that this classic EMD is alive and well. I recommend a visit to Chicago, where you can take in deep dish pizza, great museums, and one of EMD’s finest.


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