Three weeks to better railroad photography

Posted by Brian Schmidt
on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sometimes you get lucky, but most of the time you've got to work for it. That's how life goes, and railroad photography is no different.

I got a catalog in the mail today, highlighting the continuing education classes available at my local community college. There are two photography classes listed for the fall, a three-week basic digital photography course for $43 and a five-week travel photography course for $100. Both meet one day a week and offer help with basic photography skills and camera controls.

On my 2016 trip to Minnesota's iron mining region, pictured here, I was continually challenged by dark skies, heavy rain, and repetitious trains. ("Oh, look, it's another taconite train...") I'd like to think that my interest in photography – beyond railroads – helped me see past the locomotives to come home with shots indicative of the area's rail scene.

Have any of you done this or considered doing so? It could be the difference between coming home with just another "wedgie" shot, or something more. For that matter, how do you view your own railroad photography – as a personal record of your achievements or something you aspire for other to take interest in?

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