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I'm working to make News Wire better this winter: more stories, more videos, more photos, more exclusives. But to make News Wire serve its readers the best it can, I want to hear from you, the News Wire readers. We've got some big ideas, but we want to make sure they are what the readers want.

What would you like to see more of on News Wire? What would you like to see less of? Should the stories be longer, or shorter? Do we need more each day? Are we covering your neighborhood as well as we could? Do you prefer videos or maps as an addition to News Wire?

Send me an email to with your thoughts and together we can make News Wire even better in 2014!

  • I think there should be more news items each day.  I've found in the past that there are some important things going on that just aren't being captured in News Wire.  

    Also, include photos.  There have been stories in the past that lack photos and leave me wanting to see a picture of the subject.  Plus larger photos would be a plus.

    Videos would be ok, but I think there should be text to for those of us that can't view videos or hear the audio at that time.  

    This is a start.  Thanks for having News Wire, as a subscriber to Trains, I really do appreciate it.

  • "Comment moderation please" would be my first and highest priority request. There's altogether too much politically ideological trolling (on either end of the ideological spectrum) in the News Wire comments currently. I understand there are news items where politics and railroad policy intersect, but even here I would prefer to keep things fact-based and focused on railroading. I'm more tolerant of expressions of this kind of opinion in the Trains Forum (and the Train of Thought and Fred Frailey blogs). In Fred's blog in particular there are a number of regulars with strong personalities who keep things from straying too far into the ideological weeds. News Wire by definition isn't meant to provide that kind of self-moderating community and is not really an opinion channel. Thanks for asking.

  • Hi Brian, if you could include a basic map of the area of interest, I know my local area of course, but am geographically challenged for most parts of the county.  Perhaps a link to a mapquest/google maps page where the event [like a derailment] took place.  Keep them coming, more the better.  I check it a couple of times a day on my smart phone.

  • I would also like to see more maps (or links to maps) in articles like the recent one on LA light rail expansion.  It would be nice to know where these lines go, and how they relate to each other.

    I also agree that the moderator should uphold the ban on overt political rants.

  • Add me to the list of those who would like to see more maps.  Photos of the actual subject would be welcome, rather than the same old stock photos; a recent article on the restoration of a RR station for the Sunrail service in FL had a stock photo of rolling stock.  Also, I understand staff time is limited, but some of the articles have some pretty obvious errors or inaccuracies in them.  That said, I do enjoy Newswire and appreciate the work that goes into it.

  • More maps, and locomotive news.

  • Agree with the need for more News Wire articles, and maps, photos, and other context.  The mix should include offbeat ("railroad cat has kittens") and milestone ("museum volunteer celebrates 50 years of volunteering") articles.  There are too many "closed line reopens railroad orders new locomotives" articles in the mix.

    There's also a need for background articles that don't fit in Trains magazine: "Why do passenger train operators have problems in severe cold?", "Republicans don't like Amtrak - Why?", and "Freight goes where the tracks are".  These articles give background that is assumed in many News Wire articles.

  • I agree that more items in the News Wire section would be a plus and I would appreciate more notifications of steam passenger excursions.  I look at News Wire every day and appreciate this service very much.  More variety in photos would be appreciated, I am getting tired of the stock photo of the front of the CSX locomotive that often accompanies articles about this favorite railroad of mine.  More photos of trains at historical locations like Horseshoe Curve, Cajon Pass, Red River Viaduct and exiting tunnels or on bridges or Viaducts would be appreciated.  Thanks




  • Regarding maps, both in future wire items, as well as in Trains in general, I would really like to see some sort of symbol place on the map showing where and in direction the photographer stood and pointed.  Perhaps a small camera icon would work.

  • I think News Wire is pretty good.  This is what I would ask for:

    1) The more information the better.

    2) Eliminate duplicate posts.

    3) Allow participants to like other participants comments

    As far as the politics go I say let it be.  Railroading today with environmentalism, rails to trails, hazmat, etc.. is political.    

  • Anyone paying $5.99 (plus tax in many locations) for Trains Magazine should have access to news and not forced to take out a subscription.  News regarding accidents should always be posted without the subscription requirement.  Very poor marketing.  This is NOT what Al Kalmbach envisioned when he founded Kalmbach Publishing Company!  I get all the railroad news without subscribing at Google, Railfan & Railroad, Railpace, and Railway Age, to name a few as it is.  Return to Al Kalmbach's roots and I might reconsider subscribing.  I cancelled my subscription when the 5% early renewal offer was eliminated.  Thanks for nothing!

  • I didn't know News Wire was a subscriber only deal.  Thats bad for all things railroading.

  • --Yes, agree on more maps. Anything that help put articles in context helps.

    --Drop the "Trains New Wire EXCLUSIVE" shout. It really cheapens things, makes it look like a supermarket tabloid.

    --Certainly agree on getting rid of the political trolls.

    Thanks for considering these.

  • Just in general, the photos can be bigger to be in line with current standards.  This would include the contest, news, blogs.  Stingy little photos make for an outdated look.  Also when possible more relevant photos would be good tho I realize not always available.  The old news idea, here is  the news and here

    some photo doesn't work as well.

    I think you want to stay with the big picture ie. news of general interest, not getting bogged down in all the little stuff.  The advantage of your format now is you are editing not streaming everything.  I can say

    I look here first for news and other places for filler.

    I look at Yahoo news.  There used to be a short list of stories.  Now I can scroll down pages of repeated, old and filler stories.  Not what I prefer.

    Certainly if you have new ideas that's good.  Maybe throw in a couple Dianne Sawyer type evening feel good stories for some easy reading and one opinion type article but I prefer not to scroll down though 20-30 items.

    Bob Jordan

News Wire: Your thoughts