2011 Trains photo contest winners

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For this year's photo contest, we were looking for creative use of light and shadow. Overall, the quality of photos submitted was very high, making the task of choosing the winners even harder than usual. Take a look at the winners below and please leave your comments. Thank you.

Grand Prize: Travis Dewitz' wonderful image of a locomotive in the night snow.

Travis Dewitz Union Pacific SD70M

First Prize: John House's shot of a Union Pacific train in Colorado.

John House Union Pacific in Colorado

Second Prize: Matt Batrynrodriguez's photo of UP 844 climbing Cajon Pass.

Matt Batrynrodgriguez UP 844

Runners-Up: Samuel Phillips' image of Norfolk Southern's Bluefield, W.Va., yard.

Samuel Phillips Norfolk Southern

John Ryan's photograph of a CSX signal maintainer in Michigan.

John Ryan CSX signal maintainer

Robert Jordan captured the Red River Valley & Western plow extra on the North Dakota plain.

Robert Jordan Red River Valley & Western plow extra

Ed Mullan's image of a bearing cap on the trucks of a covered hopper at CSX's Keyser, W.Va., freight yard.

Ed Mullan CSX bearing cap on trucks of a covered hopper

Dave Crosby's image of Victor, an Amtrak sleeping-car attendant cleaning windows on the Southwest Chief.

Dave Crosby Amtrak sleeping car attendant Southwest Chief

  • It seems to be Train Enthusiasts make the best Photographers. These photos would be so hard to judge as each one is of the utmost quality.

  • Well done all of them...

  • Overall, a great collection, but I must admit that I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the Grand Prize Winner.  It's interesting...and different...but Grand Prize material?  I think not.

  • The pictures are all outstanding, but the First Prize winner by John House (UP in Colorado) is especially to my taste.

    The sinuous locomotive and train cars, each with a stripe of light echoed by the delicate telephone, fence, and track lines cutting across the grass-covered plains, and the gold light raking across, capture a moment never to be repeated in exactly the same way. These pictures are all by lovers of trains and it is wonderful to see these great machines captured by people with artistic vision.

  • I'm really disappointed.  I can't make heads or tails out of the Grand Prize Winner.  Any of the other winners would have been excelent choices for the Grand Prize.

  • I have to agree the grand prize pic was very interesting and unusual, but 1st prize pic was better. The NS yard had great features and lighting but the Red River snow plow a sunset was my favorite light play. But that's only my humble opinion - they were all superb!

  • A great selection overall. Personally I gravitate more towards both Matt Batrynrodriguez's view of 844 and John Ryan's signal maintainer images as the standouts. Everything just seems to have come together perfectly on those shots -- either by chance (the break in the cloud cover in the former) or by design (in the latter).

  • I agree with Tom, wonderful composition, angles and lighting in this 2011 photo contest but the Grand Prize, no way.

  • I tend to agree with TOMinTN on the grand prize winner, but looking at the other photos shows it was a very difficult choice to make.  Even the honorable mention photos are of contest winning quality, as I imagine that many are that didn't even make the cut for that.

  • Once I figured out the overhead angle, I agree that the GP selection is extremely worthy.  Personal favorite of the bunch:  Ed Mullan's bearing shot.

  • Congratulations to Travis as this year's Grand Prize winner and to the editorial staff of Trains for taking what seems to be a controversial decision. (It took me a while to figure the picture out!) I would have passed on the entries from Samuel Phillips and Dave Crosby, though, and given Robert Jordan Second Prize.

  • Robert Jordan's snapshot of the Red River Valley & Western snowplow

    on the North Dakota plain gets my vote handsdown. Awesome! Only wish I could have been there in person to have seen it myself.

    Nice framing of scenery, great color and action. I want a copy of that picture!

  • Generally I agree with the other comments, especially TOMinTN and 'elorasub'

    Congratulations to all from Australia

  • I can't make heads or tails out of the Grand Prize Winner! it took me a several looks to see what on earth it was! I wonder if that is why it got chosen.

  • I LOVED the Grand Prize Winner!! Hats off to the judges for their selection. I kept going back to it again and again, to find each nuanced detail. What fun! Very creative. A refreshing vision of an iconic image, we see too much of.

2011 Trains photo contest winners