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Welcome to Jeffrey's Trackside Diner for September, 2019 in Spain Locked

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Posted by BigDaddy on Monday, September 30, 2019 7:46 PM

I did not go to my 50th high school reunion last week.  In part, I did not feel high school was a major turning point in my life. College was much more important and a bigger expansion of the types of people that I got to meet.

I did go to the 20th and a guy came up to see me and was so happy to see me again and I not ony did I not recognize him, I didn't recognize his name.  I saw the disappointment in his eyes and still feel bad.

A politician would have instantly claimed he recognized him, but I could never be accused of being a politician. 

They posted pics and out of 580, 150 showed up.  I could recognize only a handful without blowing up the pics to read the name tags.  Of the ones I remembered by name, I could see a resemblance in 1/2 the pics.  The other half looked nothing like the yearbook picture on their name tag. 

There were 2 or 3 people I would have liked to say hello to, but the fact of the matter is neither the rest of them nor I sought to keep up with each other over 50 years.  Seemed awkward to say "What did you do for the last 50 years?"

Cheerleaders in 1969 had long, straight, maybe ironed hair.  50 years later, they all put on some weight, but less than most, wear flowery or paisley dresses, lots of necklaces or bracelets and look like someone's grandmother.  It was "Present shock"



COB Potomac & Northern

By the Chesapeake Bay

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Posted by CNCharlie on Monday, September 30, 2019 8:06 PM

Good Evening,

Another rainy day here. We've gone from drought to one of the wettest Septembers on record. 

Herrinchoker, I could understand fishermen from New Brunswick going there for medical especially if they live on Grand Manan Island but Nova Scotia? That would mean driving right through several large towns in N.S. not to mention St. John, N.B. or going by boat right across the Bay of Fundy. In fact I read recently that the N.B. government has an agreement with medical facilities in a Maine town to pay for residents of those islands off the Maine coast to get medical treatment as Maine is a lot closer to them than facilities in N.B. 

Tomorrow the decoder for my C Liner is supposed to arrive so hopefully it will be on the rails shortly. 

Ken, sometimes dogs will be like that regarding doing their business if they think the whole yard is their 'nest' taking not soiling same to an extreme. I would think you could train him out of it. Sounds like he reacts to other dogs much like ours. Again training can sometimes work but it hasn't with ours and he is 10. In his case he was stepped on by a large dog when he was a puppy at an obedience class and since then gets very aggressive whenever he sees or is near large dogs. 

Well time for a little tellie. 

CN Charlie

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Posted by cudaken on Monday, September 30, 2019 10:52 PM

 Eveing Diners

 Flo, give the gang and I a Beer please and Dirk a dog treat.

 Hight Lites of my 4 days off and there are not many. I finally got the Giant Perpmint Reed planted in front of the house. Yes I knew it was going to be a pain with all of the roots from the old and gone Every Green Bushes I cut out. Had to use the saws all to cut the roots and most where 2" around if not bigger. I all so used the saws all with a 12" long blade to help soften up the compact dirt. It is now in the dirt and 24 hours later it does not look wost for the transplant.

 I am growing grass! Big Smile Where all of the over growth was after I cut out there was nothing but dirt. Heck even the weeds did not like it! Few weeks ago I did a small section around 2' by 3' foot where I cleared the few weeds, used a rock hammer to break up the ground some and then a metal rake. Used Scott's Bare Patch Repair Kit in that section. Thursday I was stunned when I saw some baby grass growing! Surprise Started watering better and it strating to really fill in. So I spent my 4 days off watching grass grow. Whistling

 Work, well the crazy customer finally picked up all her stuff thank God. While I am sure I have not heard the last from her but the stuff is gone.

 Charlie Dirk Pip is a strange dog in his behavior in many respects. He hates mail trucks and white vans? Car goes by not a problem. Today he heard the mail truck while he was in the house and he went nuts? He like most people but not everyone. Went to see Dwight our neighbor at the nursing home. He really likes Dwight. He was fine with the other people and seemed happy to meet them. Then a off duty nurse came by to say by to Dwight and touched his shoulder and Dirk went Cujo on her? Guess he was protecting Dwight or he does not like woman that have tattoos?

 Late, so later none smoking Ken

I hate Rust

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