Where can I buy clear coat lacquer?

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Where can I buy clear coat lacquer?
Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, December 24, 2003 12:32 PM
Does anyone still sell clear coat dipping lacquer in red and green for coating small signalling light bulbs? My local hobby shop only sells the bulbs.
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Posted by bman36 on Wednesday, December 24, 2003 1:59 PM
Hi there,
I doubt you will find lacquer anymore. Todays paints are going mostly to waterbase. Having been in autobody for a few years I would suggest trying an automotive paint supplier. They may still have a quart or two of lacquer still kicking around. All the best and Merry Christmas. Later eh...Brian.
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Posted by hobo on Thursday, December 25, 2003 7:46 AM
Hi You can buy glass paint in red and green at most craft stores,I believe it's water based but it works great.I have used it to paint bulbs,Try A.C.Moore or Michaels craft stores if you have any near you.
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Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, December 27, 2003 12:29 AM
Two things:

First, what bman36 is correct about checking out the Automotive Body Shop Paint suppliers for Laquers. Pittsburg Paint and Glass (PPG), Rinshed-Mason (RM) and DuPont were the original primary suppliers of this stuff, and other have followed in order to maintain original automotive coatings even for restoration or maintenence purposes. But depending on where you are and how thorough your store is, you MAY have to order it. Ask to see a catalog of older (1980's on back)automotive factory issue colors and materials. A true Body Shop Supplier worth his salt will be able to lay hands on this, or tell you where you can.

As to color, Laquers have always come in either Transparent (Clear), Opaque (Solid color), or Metallics which is a sort of combination of the two with metal dust (Ususally Aluminum) suspended within.

However,clear Laquer with NO color dye can also be applied over a Water based color coat once the water based paint dries thoroughly. It CANNOT be applied over any Alkyd type of enamel as it will actually break this type of paint up at the molecular level, wrinkle it and lift it as if it had been subjected to paint remover.

If you can't find a colored "clear" Laquer, try a clear coat over a water color.

Incidently, Aqua-Net Hair Spray IS in fact Nitro-cellulose Laquer, (as opposed to Acrylic) and while it is quite thin in consistency, CAN be used as a clear coat over other non-Alkyd coatings for weather and "touch" protection. It is also fairly resistant to heat once
dried and cured. As is also many Clear Finger Nail Polishes.

In fact, this last, might just do the trick for running lights by dipping the bulb into the Nail Polish AFTER the water color has dried thoroughly. You might want to actually cut the Nail polish with about 50% Laquer Thinner first.

Even tho Nail Polish remover is actually Acetone, DON'T use this to thin the nail polish with. It WILL thin it, but it will wipe out the water base also when you apply it.

The trick is getting the water color to stick to the slick glass of the bulb. You might try twisting the bulb in fine steel wool first, or one of those newer kitchen scour throw away pads since they actually cut and scratch glass better than steel wool. (You know, those little square blue or green guys.)
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Posted by spodwo on Tuesday, December 30, 2003 4:51 PM
I just use the green and red permanent markers. Works fine and once the colors fade - you just draw on them again. Simple, cheap and you can find them at any office supply store. I use Sharpie's.
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Posted by BudSteinhoff on Tuesday, December 30, 2003 7:00 PM
I do the same, I have been using permanent markers for years on bulbs.
Works great and a large choice of colors.

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