Halloween decor you can use on your layout: Target

Posted by Rene Schweitzer
on Monday, September 23, 2019

If you missed part one of this series (Menards), check it out here.

Target has a decent seasonal Halloween section, but I can't remember them ever stocking any village type decor. They also tend to be trendy, so if something is popular one year but not the next, you can't count on Target stocking it.

When Jim and I stopped by during the weekend, I honestly thought it would be a toy-train bust. While they don't have a lot for you, there are still a few things you might find useful. They had several packages of "Fairy Garden" decor for around $8 each. The witch, pumpkins, and trees would all fit in a layout, but the cat is far too large.

This pack of 'Fairy Garden' decor would add some inexpensive decor to your layout.

Another package had a little wood house but what interested me were the "O gauge" scale ghosts inside. Buy a few packs of these and hide the ghosts around your layout. Have the kids try and find them all!

Hide some O-gauge ghosts around your layout for the kids to find!

Last year, Jim bought a small ghost light projector to use with our Halloween layout. It works great and adds a fun spooky element to the scene. Target had three different projector lights this year: skull heads, a stationary bat, and a sort of disco light effect. Any would work to add a little fun lighting. (And keep an eye open during the post-Halloween clearance sales!)

These skull projection lights will add some creepy lighting effects!

This projection light has a disco feel. Maybe you could use it for more than Halloween.

Imagine if you had an O gauge Batman with a Batmobile underneath this light?

Have you been to Target, and did you find any decor you could use in a creative way?

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