Five-O in O gauge: A modern Police station from Menards

Posted by Bob Keller
on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I could be wrong, but believe that in the world of O gauge trains that only Plasticville and MTH have made police stations. This that being noted, Menards had released another rock your world structure with the no. 279-4435 Police Plaza building. This is a modern structure that will look right at home with the World Headquarters, York Hotel, and Starbucks.

The building is a brick structure with columns in the front and tinted windows in the modern style. Strip off the police signage and the structure could be a pretty nice office building or small contemporary industrial building. There are plenty of police figures for security and Jack continues to be the hardest working pooch in Menardsville as he patrols downtown with his human partner!

There is a train run-through at the back of the structure, though the all Day Parking sign might have been better to have said "Police Parking Only." I can see some Handy Andy removing the wall and creating a scene like one of those 1930s-40s movies with all the police cars and motorcycles rolling out all at once ...

The most striking feature is the helicopter and the helipad. In a unique shift in moving features on Menards structures, the helicopter blades rotate! The ring lighting surrounding the landing spot also had alternating red and white LEDs.  This is a vibrant addition to your downtown, and has a bit of a mesmerizing vibe to it.

The structure costs $99.99 plus shipping, and can be ordered at and be sure to opt for free delivery to your local Menards.

Menardsville has a top-notch police headquarters with plenty of officers and a chopper!

The lights on the raised section flash red, while the ring lights alternate white and red.

Helicopter pilots won't have any trouble finding their destination with this lighting package!

I liked how the support columns and flower boxes have greenery added. The windows have the tinted look of many modern office structures.

The helicopter blades rotate and obviously Officer Fife has forgotten why they also call it a chopper. He is paying no attention to the yellow safety ring!

The raised roof structure suggests not just a way to get upstairs, but also a flight control or radio room.

You have the flexibility to place this in the middle of town or in the rear, where you can run a track through the building.

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