HAD YOUR VO TODAY? Baldwin VO-1000 from MTH Electric Trains

Posted by Bob Keller
on Friday, April 06, 2018

The Premier line VO-1000 is an able rendering of a first generation switcher. More than 500 were sold and seven still exist in the US.

I think the most interesting diesels in railroading were the so-called First Generation models – locomotives that came out before the appearance of switchers, road engines, and passenger diesels were more or less settled upon. Diesels could be square like shoe boxes, slab-sided, or even have a cab in the center.

The VO-1000 is a 1,000 horsepower diesel produced between 1939 and 1946 at a key point in US railroad history. Many railroads had a positive experience with the cost savings of diesel locomotion, especially in switching or terminal operations. Shunting cars around would be one of the first spots where steam would be supplanted by diesel locomotion.

The MTH Premier line no. 20-20786-1  model has two can-style motors, coil couplers, a smoke unit, and MTH's ProtoSound 3.0 sound and command system. The model costs $459.95. The current run of road names includes Long Island, Milwaukee Road, Santa Fe, Seaboard, and Western Maryland.

The smoke unit produced a steady, gentle stream of smoke.

We messed around with the VO-1000 "double-heading" with a dummy SP PB-1 behind the switcher.

The VO-1000 pulls a car assortment through the gentle S curve on the back side of the test track.

A freight slowly ambles past the depot

This headlight assures you that this locomotive will be seen coming out of a tunneler jut blazing down the track.

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