A major industry: The Vetter Sash & Door Co. from Menards

Posted by Bob Keller
on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The better Sash & Door Company has an overall footprint of 20 by 12 inches, and rises nearly a foot. This isn't a small-time operation.

Menards will help your Traintown prosper with a new industrial structure: The no. 279-4324 Vetter Sash & Door Co.  Vetter Sash & Door Co. The four-story O gauge structure has two rotating exhaust fans, 25 windows, a backlit sign, workers, Jack the German shepherd, detail pieces, and a weathered exterior.

More than 11 inches tall, 6 ¼ inches wide the building has a run-through for trains as well as a small drive through for dump trucks to pose below the sawdust catcher and “catch” the collected material.

Although there is a train run-through, this could easily be used for a delivery track. This is one of those structures that you could build a small multi-track industrial plant around. Have a section with a saw mill and lumber loader, move on to the door company, and then position some boxcars with loads of finished doors.

The Vetter Sash & Door Co. costs $109.99 plus shipping, or order online at www.menards.com/trains and opt for free shipping to your local Menards store.

The structure has exterior and interior lighting and two fans that slowly rotate.

There are a lot of interesting texture and detail points on this structure, from the loading dock scene with workers and products, the sawdust catcher, and the dormers on the roof.

Two workers chat about the outgoing shipments while the worker on the left seems to be chatting with Jack!

A Menards no. 279-0840 Alaska RR flatcar load of wood is delivered on the run-through/siding.

The structure has some vintage advertising applied in two locations.

The red lights on the factory roof will help keep errant crop dusters safe.

You can see a bit of sawdust just below the catching system.

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