Get the mail: A small town post office from Woodland Scenics

Posted by Bob Keller
on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Woodland Scenics post office is a compact structure well suited for a layout set anywhere from the 1930s to today.

Forever stamps rock and the place to get them in Traintown is the no. BR5864 Letters, Parcels & Post post office from Woodland Scenics.

This latest entry in the firm's Landmark Structure line is a wonderful rendition of a rural or small town post office. Woodland has styled it as a wood structure with a shingle roof and stone base. The design will fit in from New England to Portland. There is a great covered porch (I can see someone setting up a gaggle of town folk sitting outside, reading their mail and chewing the fat), a fair sized loading door, and plenty of wood and stone texture. There is an electric meter on the side of the building and a free-standing blue mail box for you to place on a curb.

Flip on the lights and you'll see a pretty credible card stock interior, including mailboxes, service counter, and even a bulletin board with the F.B.I.'s most wanted fugitives. 

There is a terrific American flag seeming to move in the wind. There is additional lighting directed at the flag.

The structure had a roughly 8 x 8 inch footprint and is wired for the Just Plug lighting system and costs $129.99. See your hobby retailer or go to to order.

The new post office from Woodland Scenics is styled for a small town or village – just right for most O gauge layouts.

Power on and you can see the card stock interior, faithful down to mail boxes and wanted posters.

The side has an electric meter and employee entrance.

You can almost see the Amazon truck lining up to drop off the day's Prime deliveries.

The flag is styled as though it was billowing in the breeze. This is a neat and subtle touch.

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