Ending a high-intensity week

Posted by Bob Keller
on Friday, August 25, 2017

The Atlas O Santa Fe F7 may be the finest model of this iconic locomotive that I've seen.

It has been a wild couple of weeks. We’ve had deadlines for the November issue (on the way to the printer), our annual special issue (finalizing the story layouts), and a half dozen other things getting ready for the December issue.


This MTH AC4400CW waves the flag of second , pr even third generation locomotion!

Sometimes you just have to wander down the hall and run trains in a circle for a bit to clear the mind!

The F7 glides around the track and the flashing strobe in the upper light compartment adds a variation to the lighting package.

Reporting for freight duty!

Oh, and a trip to Sommerfeld's Trains up in Butler to pick something up doesn't hurt either!

My favorite shop, especially after Jack has bought a collection – or the UPS truck has made a delivery!

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