Three new military freight cars from Menards

Posted by Bob Keller
on Friday, June 16, 2017

Rolling in to provide air defense for the Menards Pepsi plant are the no. 279-3384 11 ½-inch flatcar with half-track load, the no. 279-3691 14 ¾ inch military generator car , and the

There is no shortage of air defense gear available in the latest O gauge releases from Menards. Just released are the no. 279-3384 11 ½-inch flatcar with half-track load for $29.99. The car has a painted deck, a half-track armored car and two pallets with artillery shells. The vehicle had a quad .50 caliber machinegun (great for anti-aircraft or anti-personnel use). The car is also available in the 279-3385 four-pack for $88.96 four-pack.

 Next up is the no. 279-3691 14 ¾ inch military generator car or $39.99. The car may have the mightiest generator ever to ride a three-rail freight car. There is an O scale operator and two searchlights that can elevate or lower. They are battery powered. The car is also available in the no. 279-3692 four-pack or $139.96.

 Last but not least is the no. 279-3962 O gauge military flatcar with truck and machine gun for $19.99. The quad anti-aircraft gun is truck and can be elevated and rotated 360 degrees. The mounted  also available in the no. 279-3963 four-pack for $69.96.

 All prices are plus shipping. Order online at and select free shipment to your local Menards store.

The flat with generator features two battery-powered searchlights that can pivot to change where ever you need the ight.

The generator has impressive detail and a technician wearing colorful safety garb.

Light off!

Light on!

The 'fuel tank' is the spot to place your batteries and turn the lights on/off.

This car carries a model of a White M3 half-track with a quad 50 machine gun mounting. Two small pallets of artillery shells cover the screw holes of the car.

Looking down you see details such as gas cans, crew seats, and even a gear shift.

The ammo cans are loaded and just waiting for the gun crew!

Neat details include the front winch, fuel cans, and the raised shield to be lowered to protect the driver from gunfire.

The car features a truck with a massive anti-aircraft gun (I'd guess at least a quad 20mm) with 360 degree rotation and 90 degree elevation.

The gun can be lowered to keep the heads down of those pesky commandos from the Pennsylvania RR !

The vehicles may be removed to position them on your layout as you'd like.

Menards continues to field a line of flatcars with unique cargo loads. See the full line of products at

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