New military flatcars with loads from Menards

Posted by Bob Keller
on Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The four new military flats with loads will expand the firepower of your US Army train.

Put some olive drab on your Christmas tree layout with four new US Army flatcars from Menards.

Shown are the nos. 279-3473 flat with truck mounted missile launcher load, 279-3474 flat with truck mounted cannon load,  279-3475 flat with cargo truck , and 279-3478 flat with covered tarp load for $19.99 each plus shipping,  or available in a four-pack of one of each car type for $69.96 plus shipping. See them at your local Menards or order online at and select free shipping to your local Menards.   

Here are the flat with cargo truck load and the flat with missile launcher load.

The missile launcher can be raised and rotates. The cab of the truck is die-cast metal.

Missile launch officer tip: Don't launch your missile when the engine nozzle is facing the launcher's cab or fuel tank! Safety first.

The cargo truck uses the same truck body for uniformity. The cammo cover for the cargo truck is actually cloth

There is actually a cargo box beneath the cover. I'm thinking that if you remove the cover and attach a Lego radar antenna you have a great communications van or guidance system for surface-to-air launches.

Looks like a German 88 to me! Would be great in an anti-tank or anti-air roll.

As with the missile truck, the cannon can be elevated and rotated.

NOTE TO KITBASHERS: Doesn't your railroad need protection from those Pennsylvania RR Stukas? Mine does! I'm just say'in.

The tarp is cloth, but there is a hard textured shape beneath the cover.

The new Menards military cars are available individually or in a four pack of one each. Go to or visit your local Menards store.

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