The Candyman can: Amtrak whips out Milwaukee to Green Bay passenger rail proposal over CN

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The Candyman can: Amtrak whips out Milwaukee to Green Bay passenger rail proposal over CN
Posted by CMStPnP on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 1:29 AM

Oh I would love to be a bug on the wall at CN HQ when they read about this in the newspaper (Souk de blueiu!).     So it is obvious from the map they are intending to restore the $5 million connection at Duplainville, WI.  (CP - Milwaukee to Duplainville, CN Duplainville to Green Bay, WI)    I have read other articles about this and it sounds like the mayor of Green Bay is on board with it but WisDOT is luke warm at best (look at the trip travel times).    Amtrak states that this would just be extensions of existing Hiawatha frequencies to travel further North than Chicago to Milwaukee.     I am not sure they will pull this off for several reasons.....

1. CN is never going to accept this without some kind of massive price tag or other scheme to get Amtrak to run along to another railroad or plan.     You only need to speak with a few railfan groups in Chicago about their special movement passenger experiences with CN.

2. Lack of popular support outside of the Mayor of Green Bay.   Already been stated in the past by Wisconsin State officials they cannot get folks excited about this route for rail service.

3. Trip travel times of taking almost an hour longer than a regular car between Milwaukee and Green Bay.

Time will tell though and here is the link, make sure you check out the service to Madison proposed.    Clear from that map they  intend to use Wisconsin and Southern from Watertown to Madison and CP from Madison to Portage.


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Posted by BaltACD on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 11:19 AM

Is this anything like the Green Bay Sweep?

Never too old to have a happy childhood!


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Posted by Overmod on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 11:27 AM

The phrase you want (without typed accent marks) is 'sacre bleu!'  [Sacre, by parallel with the 'beau' in expressions like beau-mere for monster-in-law (belle-mere is mother-in-law), means its essential opposite, and I suspect the blue is the same as in our expression 'blue language' or 'turned the air blue'...

The actual phrase likely used above de la Gauchetiere ouest  would be "Tabernac de Tabernacs!!" (with the 'r's rolled and growled as Tom Harding did when he found out whose train obliterated a certain town...)

[This is the way I spell it ; many references are more phonetic with tabarnac or tabarnak... use your best judgment]

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Posted by xrds72 on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 11:50 AM

Had not realized the connection track in the NE quadrant had been removed. It was built in 1986 and its first revenue use was on Oct 10. The move consisted of 5 private cars going to the AAPRCO meeting in Milwaukee that had been on the rear end of #8 that had derailed at Fall River on the 9th. They were the only cars that did not derail. They were pulled back to New Lisbon and run around on the former Soo Line and back onto the former Milw at Duplainville. 

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Posted by Gramp on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 8:03 PM

How could they miss UW Oshkosh b'gosh?  15,500 students. 
Thruway serves the four "new" "underserved" cities. 

Just drove Neenah to Appleton about 3pm today. A CN four engine manifest in the hole at south Neenah behind a tanker train in the hole through central Neenah waiting for an oncoming SB from Stevens Point while a NB manifest had just cleared north Neenah branching on its way through Appleton At about 10mph. 

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Posted by CMStPnP on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 8:37 PM

Had not realized the connection track in the NE quadrant had been removed. It was built in 1986.


I was told that by another poster here and took his word for it.     I lived in Delafield when they put that in.    Prior to that I lived in Brookfield.    Duplainville was one of my favorite spots to watch trains after they took Brookfield Junction out of commission (just North of the former Brookfield Depot).     They almost resurrected Brookfield as an interchange between CP and Wisconsin and Southern but the subdivision along North Avenue in Brookfield hired a high powered lawyer to stop it and WSOR did not want to spend money or public goodwill fighting it.     Now bike enthusiasts are trying to convert it to a bike path.....I believe they eventually won against the property owners because the Brookfield Depot will serve as a trail head at it's new location.     Milwaukee spent a lot of money on that branch, most of the bridges between Brookfield and Waukesha are all steel and constructed for heavy loads on account of it being the former route of ballast trains from the Waukesha Quarry that would interchange at Brookfield with passing manifests.     Most of that is gone now and I believe the Quarry is served by CN via a switch if it is still served by rail.    Milwaukee Road and Soo Line used to have a level crossing right under the I-94 freeway bridge.    I believe it was later converted to just a switch from CN after Milwaukee abandoned the Brookfield to Waukesha portion of the line.   Milwaukee used to part a MP15AC next to the Brookfield Depot to serve Waukesha daily on a switching schedule.      Sometimes they would store it overnight there for days and then tow to Milwaukee on a Manifest when it needed service.    Holsum foods was a small company but large rail client.....I believe WSOR still serves them. 

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