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Posted by daveklepper on Saturday, April 2, 2022 7:03 PM

3AM, Israeli time. I was able to post successfully.   Apologies.


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Posted by daveklepper on Monday, April 4, 2022 2:22 AM


* Announcement from the spokespersons of the Israel Railways *


 Revolution in the railway service in Jerusalem and Modi'in - starting on Thurs 31/3/2022: a new & advanced electric train line that will arrive from Modiin to Jerusalem in less than half an hour.


* Transport Minister Michaeli: * The new service is a leap forward in the ability to move by public transport and mass transportation, which is a better and faster alternative than the private car


 As of Thurs March 31, 2002, the public operation for passengers of the Central-Jerusalem A1 Line, Yitzhak Navon, will begin .


Trains on the line will operate throughout all hours of operation, all days of the week (including Fridays and Saturdays), initially at a frequency of one train per hour, in each direction and later at a rate of two trains per hour. Travel time from Modiin Merkaz to Jerusalem station will be about 29 minutes, and from Pati Modiin to Jerusalem station about 22 minutes .


The operation of the line is made possible after the IR has completed the engineering project. including the construction of a double and electrified railway infrastructure with a total length of about 5.2 km.  As part of this, IR built three bridges and a tunnel, with a total length of about 650 meters, and upgraded and expanded the station, and a new car park adjacent to the Einav Center with about 700 parking spaces, and construction of a 165-foot pedestrian bridge that includes elevators for full accessibility.


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Posted by blue streak 1 on Monday, April 18, 2022 8:13 AM
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Posted by daveklepper on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 1:13 PM

From Steve Sattler:

The Trains & Tram society of Israel.
   Dear all... some info.
1... Our next day-trip will be at the end of May [We still haven't  a final date ]
to the new LIGHT-RAIL underground depot - (near the High Court ) in the main government complex, then the Kiryat Moshe tram-line ,  and lunch at the Hebrew University. 
(I will be overseas very soon - [ London, Leeds, York  and Geneva ] so only when I get back - can I close with the ' tram-people ' about our visit in May. )
2... WE wish our member Rabbi Yehuda Lave a Happy Birthday for this Shabbat.  (And have many more ).


                      Ticket inspectors. You’ve got to hand it to them…


                      What’s the difference between a teacher & a railway security                                            guard? One trains the mind, the other minds the trains…


                      I miss the old days of railway when the engineer had plenty of                                                                            esteem.


                      What do you call a train with bubble gum? a chew chew train


Jim had always wanted to run a train. It was his dream since he was a child. His mind was set and no other career moved him the way a train had. He did well in school, and when he was accepted to the local Railway school, he was stoked.4 years later, he had his first job of running the train, and he could not contain his excitement. He went all along the tracks, left and right, forward and back, until he hit something on the rail and the train flew off the tracks, causing a disaster.


Jim was sentenced to death, executed by an electric chair. When asked for a last meal, Jim simply replied: "I will have one banana." After finishing his banana, he was sent to the chair. However, it didn't work. The electric chair had no effect. Jim was set free by the police force, and got a job at another train station. He sped along the tracks, he simply could not contain his excitement! However, he was careless and crashed into another train.


Jim, imprisoned again, was sentenced to death, by the electric chair. "What would you like for your final meal?" the chief of police asked. Jim simply replied "I would like two bananas." He finished his bananas and was again strapped to the electric chair, only to have it fail again. Jim was set free again.

Another train station had a job opening and Jim applied again. He went all over the tracks, left and right, until he ran over a man. Sent to death again, Jim had one request for his final meal. "I will have three bananas." After consuming his bananas, he was sent to the electric chair. He survived the biggest shock of his life.

"I don't get it," the chief of police said. "This electric chair is our best piece of machinery, yet you've survived three times. 

How do you do it? Is it the bananas you keep eating?"

"Oh, it's nothing," said Jim.        "I'm just a bad conductor."


Moshe is waiting on the platform at the station. He notices a Jewish man standing nearby and asks him for the time. But the man ignores him. Moshe then asks him again, and the man responds in the same way. Frustrated, Moshe asks "Excuse me, but I've asked you for the time twice, why are you ignoring me"

Suddenly, the man looks up and says, "We're both waiting for the train, if I answer you, then when we get on the train you will come and sit next to me, we will probably start talking, and I may invite you to my house for Shabbat, there you will meet my daughter, you will probably like her, you may eventually want to marry her, and to be honest with you, WHY WOULD I WANT A SON IN LAW WHO CAN'T AFFORD A WATCH?"


Sadie Cohen lived in an integrated neighborhood on Long Island. A neighbor, a very friendly and generous black woman, stopped by one Saturday and offered, "Mrs Cohen, I have to go to NYC this afternoon to meet my daughter. Can I get you anything?"

Mrs. Cohen thanked her and counter-offered, "Listen, I have a commuter's ticket for the train. Why don't you use my ticket, and you'll bring it back tonight. After all, it's paid for. Why should you pay extra?"

The neighbor thanked her and with the ticket in hand, made her way to the train station. When the train arrived, she boarded, and as the conductor walked through, he happened to glance at the ticket, noticing the name "Sadie Cohen.".

The conductor asked, "Excuse me, madam, are you Sadie Cohen , the person whose name appears on this ticket?"

The woman smiled sweetly and nodded her head in the affirmative.

More than a little suspicious, the conductor asked, "Would you let me compare signatures? Would you mind signing your name?"

The black lady turned indignantly to the conductor and snapped, "Man, are you crazy? You want me to write on Shabbos?


Sadie sits down next to an attractive man on the train and says, "You look just like my fourth husband".

The man replies, "Your fourth husband? So how many times have you been married, lady?"

"Three," replies Sadie.


In an all-Jewish school, a Russian man decided to disrupt a math class. He stormed in and cried, "You Jews think you're so smart, try and answer this! 

  There are seven trains going all around the country with sixteen cars on each train. There are thirty-three people on each car. How old am I?"

No one responds. A boy in the back stands up and says, "48."

Amazed, the Russian says "Yes! How did you know?"

The boy replied, "There's a man in our village that's twenty-four

                        and is only half meshuga."


After months of negotiation with the authorities, a Talmudist from Odessa was finally granted permission to visit Moscow . He boarded the train and found an empty seat. At the next stop, a young man got on and sat next to him. The scholar looked at the young man and he thought:

This fellow doesn't look like a peasant, so if he is no peasant he probably comes from this district. If he comes from this district, then he must be Jewish because this is, after all, a Jewish district.

But on the other hand, since he is a Jew, where could he be going? I'm the only Jew in our district who has permission to travel to Moscow . Ahh, wait! Just outside Moscow there is a little village called Samvet, and Jews don't need special permission to go to Samvet. But why would he travel to Samvet? He is surely going to visit one of the Jewish families there. But how many Jewish families are there in Samvet? Aha, only two - the Bernsteins and the Steinbergs. But since the Bernsteins are a terrible family, such a nice looking fellow like him, he must be visiting the Steinbergs.

But why is he going to the Steinbergs in Samvet? The Steinbergs have only daughters, two of them, so maybe he's, their son-in-law. But if he is, then which daughter did he marry? They say that Sarah Steinberg married a nice lawyer from Budapest, and Esther married a businessman from Zhitomer, so it must be Sarah's husband. Which means that his name is Alexander Cohen, if I'm not mistaken.

But if he came from Budapest, with all the anti-Semitism they have there, he must have changed his name. What's the Hungarian equivalent of Cohen? It is Kovacs. But since they allowed him to change his name, he must have special status to change it. What could it be? Must be a doctorate from the University. Nothing less would do.

At this point, therefore, the scholar of Talmud turns to the young man and says, "Excuse me. Do you mind if I open the window, Dr. Kovacs?"

"Not at all," answered the startled co-passenger. "But how is it that you know my name?"

"Ahhh," replied the Talmudist, "It was obvious."


4... the Ministry of Transport has just released a new master plan to consolidate the public transport for the Sharon and the Netanya region. 

7 new public transport lines will be built.

The Greenline from TLV will run further North to Netanya.

The North TLV Metro will have new stations for Kfar Saba, Ra'anana, and Hod HaSharon.

New local light-rail lines that inter-connect and blend Hadera, Caesaria, Pardas Channa, and Kfar Vitkin into one transport block.

Major roads in this coastal region will all get extra lanes.

By 2050 - the Ministry expects all this project to be functioning.

5... the new light-rail tram on the Jaffa section is running [on and off] for testing.

Happy Yom HaAtzamuth to all, 

Keep well, 


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Posted by daveklepper on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 2:36 AM

The re-built Savidor TRAIN and light-rail station

 Steve Sattler



Apr 26, 2022, 10:04 PM (12 hours ago)
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Posted by blue streak 1 on Sunday, May 1, 2022 12:49 PM

Major update of Tel Aviv Savidor station.  Dave can you give us how this station compliments the other stations? will expansion  change any metrics? 

Upgrade of Tel Aviv Savidor station to be completed by 2025 - International Railway Journal (

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Posted by daveklepper on Monday, May 2, 2022 4:39 AM

This "Central Station" wascthe sothern terminous of the costal Tel Aviv -Haifa line constructed between Tel Aviv Arlossorov Street and Benyamini in the 1950's. at Beyamina joining the British Mandate line from Lod, through Petah Tikva and Hadera, inland.  So, when I first used it in 1960, it wads still a simple 4-track, two-platform, stub-end terminal.  Trains to the south and via the old line to Jersalem used a much older station in the Jaffa section of Tel Aviv.  The new T. A. City Hall was constructed on Arlossorov, east of the then new station, and now the area  has  plenty of high-rise ffice buildings.

In the 1960s the Ayalon (highway) Connector was constructed.  This was first a 4-lane divided expressway, intended to take north-soth through traffic off T. A. streets.  The highway planners were specific in coipying what Chicago was doing by leaving median-strip room for a rapid transit line.  But Israel Railway's management argued for use of that median strip to tie together their passenger operations and make the usefulness of the railway for commuters a reality. 

The original station buildingv was retained.  The four stub tracks became storage  tracks.  The concourse was extended as a bridge across the new highway, with the median at that location greatly expanded, and at first for tracks and two island platforms, later six and three, between the southbound and northbond lanes.

I'll post more when I learn more about the new expansion.

South of "Central" in Tel Aviv are Shalom and Hagana, north of Cental is T. A. North - T. A. U.   I've used the  freqent service between these stations for local travel.   Nearly all trains have paired terminasls south and north of T. A, but trains that don't use Central as a terminal.

All these stations are in the Ayalon median.   

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Posted by daveklepper on Monday, May 2, 2022 11:25 AM

A view of the Ayalon some 25 years age with a DMU Danish IC-3 train:

Looking south from Shalom station. recent

North Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv University, again 25 years ago, shortly after opening:


Shalom Station, looking south:

 Two at Central Station looking north:


At Hagana Station, looking south:



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Posted by daveklepper on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 12:28 AM

The SHalom Station has unsual architecture.   The road is an access rload to the Ayalon.

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Posted by daveklepper on Monday, June 27, 2022 10:57 AM

I hope to add to this:

Steve Sattler

5:16 PM (1 hour ago)
to bcc: me
The trains and Tram Society of Israel.
  An update:
  The new train line from Carmiel city to Kiryat Shmone. In the NE Gallil.
It will cost 12 bil shkls.
54 kms of a standard railway double track.
20 kms of tunnels - TBMs and double concrete walls against earthquakes. All tunnels double tracks with massive air-circulation fans. Some tunnels will have built-in missile-protection shelters.
The National Planning Board -after 20 years of discussion, has finally decided to extend the IR railways to the East and North of the Gallil.
The project will take 10 years, and this will include the future plans for the Tiveria station. The roads 65 / 85 junction [ just North of Kadariim] will have an underground rail complex with local stations, and the tunnel deep under this junction to allow for a future North-South line running up the country.
B:: Criticism:
       The K8 train terminal will be outside of the city. In the fields of a kibbutz -some 2.7 kms from the city center and SE of the city. All town planners [everywhere] today insist that the main train station be in the city center. Across Europe [with very few exceptions] the main train station is in the city center; thus the passenger has a minimum of travel, expense and difficulty getting to the station. The original plan was to run the double tracks up the main road of Kiryat Shmone but underground. The security situation [ rockets falling ],  and the water seepage from West to East was the main reason to avoid this original plan. 
The next good alternative was to put the station just immediately West of the football stadium. In the city center.
It is still unclear why they chose this 'outside the city' site for the main station.


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Posted by daveklepper on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 1:17 AM

Steve Sattler
Nov 29, 2022, 6:33 PM (14 hours ago)
to bcc: me
                            The trains and Tram Society of Israel.
     Today, = 29th November 2022  [ also known as Kaf Tet beNovember: the UN General Assembly - partition Plan for Palestine: Corona Park, Long island , NYC - the critical vote. the Jews won! ].
    The National Committee for planning and building [in charge of the national plan for the country ] today voted to begin the planning for the extension of the A1 [ Herzliya- Navon high-speed train line ]  from Navon [next to the central Bus Station ] deep into Jerusalem. There will be two more underground stations [at this stage ] .
    One new underground station will be at the intersection of Jaffa/ King George [The Sabarro restaurant/ or Mayan Stub  ] - known as Down-town Jerusalem, and one at the old Chan [not far from the 1892 stone Jerusalem train station - near the Old City walls ].
2... An underground tunnel for two train lines will be cut into the limestone [ with a TBM ] for the track from Navon to the Downtown area [1.60 kms ] and then this tunnel will continue another 1.20kms to the Chan. This same tunnel will  in the future continue into the Gush Etzion.- though and under the German Colony. [Along the #60 road ].
3... The reasoning si that the Navon station is already reaching her planned capacity; thus, the two new station will spread the thousands of passengers across 3 stations and not just one.
4... In the down-town area the new CENTRAL station will also serve the Blue and Red tram lines  and the many businesses in the downtown triangle.
Similarly; the Chan station ( will probably be called the Zion station - Mt Zion  ) will serve the OLD CITY cable car and the masses coming to the concerts/ shows at the re-built auditorium of Emek Gey-Hinom.
5... The Committee has released a computerized picture of the new CENTRAL station. A large ( semi-underground ) cube of Jerusalem stone with a glass roof and walls and  a large central plaza. (With stairs, escalators  and 4 entrances). Trees and greenery line the glass walls.
More news will come soon.
Steve Sattler
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Posted by daveklepper on Thursday, December 1, 2022 9:04 AM
I'm mjay be in the minority, but I  believe the center-city station, Jaffa Road at Kingv George-Strauss, can and should be entirely underground, to not destroy historic buildings that are the fabric of the city.


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Posted by daveklepper on Friday, April 14, 2023 12:59 AM
Netivei Israel-The National Transport Infrastructure Company and Israel Railways are working together on the Eastern Railways project, between Hadera and Lod along Road 6, an alternative to the coastal route, already at capacity regarding ridership, also providing an increase in freight capacity. 
The section under constructiob by Netivei Israel is Hadera - Sharon suburban loop (east of Tel Aviv). Israel Railways is building the section fSharon Loop - Lod.
The open-land Netivei Israel isection, between Hadera - Rosh HaAyyin will be opened in 2025, the rest in 2027.
The remainder and longer part of the Jerusalem Post article, from which the above was edited and compressed, discusses the efforts of right-wing Israeli Board members to replace the current Israel Railways CEO with one more responsive to their wishes.  Go to if this interests you.
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Posted by blue streak 1 on Tuesday, July 4, 2023 4:04 PM

New plans for major expansions.  Suspect ones out of contry are iffy depending on politics.

Israel plans to expand rail network - International Railway Journal (

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