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Posted by daveklepper on Monday, April 3, 2023 7:19 AM

1.  I'll take your advice.  Distilling information and presenting it in my own (word-economical) is a lot more enjoyable, so thanks. 

2.  What would you do if you posted something, quickly found you made a grievous error, and then suddenly, the thread was frozen, and there was no edit button?  In the future, the only old threads I'll revive are those I initiated.

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Posted by Overmod on Monday, April 3, 2023 4:51 PM

What would you do if you posted something, quickly found you made a grievous error, and then suddenly, the thread was frozen, and there was no edit button?

I have myself been in this position, and very thankfully was allowed to 'atone' for a lapse of judgment and, after about two weeks, was taken off moderation and allowed to edit mistakes.

In theory, if there are bad mistakes in a 'mandatorily moderated' post, the idea is to contact a member of moderation, ideally via PM, send them a list of desired corrections (both typos and material to be removed or added) and they can make the desired edits, since you've given them the authority to change 'your' intellectual property as posted.  Interestingly they are not "authorized" to correct even obvious typos, or remove or edit any sections of your post, but can delete it in its entirety (which is something used much more than I think people recognize).

With the PM feature effectively inoperative (unless you've got history PMing a member of current moderation) or with moderation overworked or uninterested, there isn't much you can do -- other than try posting again with "corrections" and apologies for mistakes, etc.  Under such circumstances, THE approach to take is to write and edit a prospective post in a suitable word processor.  Then select the text as written and proofread, and paste it into the post window; I recommend that you use and save any such draft in Rich Text format (.rtf) and in fact that you save it in case the gremlins strike while trying to get it to go.  If you get a dreaded 'forbidden' error, you can try cutting, pasting, and formatting until the mystery issue goes away.  Note that you can use the 'quote' button to get a formatted quote into the post window, which you can select and paste directly into your word-processing document.  Note that the following paragraph after the close-quote tag has to be started IMMEDIATELY after the square close bracket of that tag, or additional worthless lines get pasted in "automagically" for you.

I'd tell you to ask moderation if your account can be taken off moderation, and have a frank discussion with them about what prompted their action and how you can 'repent and sin no more' going forward.  That, in fact, would be something they should have offered someone of your stature by now.  But for reasons I won't state here, I suspect they already think their summary action is 'justified' and will give you the same attention they give us when we ask about the progress of stage three of the Website reconstruction.

In the future, the only old threads I'll revive are those I initiated.

This is (very likely) not about 'reviving old threads' as there are appropriate ways that can be done, including threads that were left open-ended or unanswered, or that need important correction or additions, or that are 'niche' enough that a new post even 20 years later continues the discourse rather than requiring the whole subject to be rehashed from the beginning.  There are people, notably on the MR forum rather than here, who think that any necro/zombie thread is a prima facie violation of Netiquette... and a case can be made that just lazily responding to a necro thread as if it's current is Not A Good Thing To Do.  But it shouldn't be grounds for modac.

Review the different TOS and moderators' posts for the different forums you're interested in participating in, to be sure there aren't some little formal issues that might kick sensitive toes.  And don't do them if Kalmbach or its duly or self-appointed representatives say not to.

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Posted by daveklepper on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 3:27 PM

There is a misunderstanding!` I can use the Edit Button and directly add a reply everywhere except at this one post on Broadway Lion's New York Subway Thread, that holds my serious problem.  I doubt this a problem you have faced.

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Posted by Overmod on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 5:40 PM

OK, I see what's going on.  It's a colossally greater example of some of those posts Blue Streak used to make that were pasted from Amtrak and that ran down over the following posts.  You have something with pictures that won't render (those blue boxes with the question marks) and text that is running down over (and perhaps blocking display) of boxes of following posts that would 'line up' with the display of avatars on the left.

Someone from moderation needs to go in and delete that monster malformed post to let the later ones display.  That might not work, and if it doesn't they may have to kill the whole thread and Lion will have to start it again.  Or see if moving it from, say, Transit to Classic Trains lets them delete the malformed post, so they can move it back 'corrected'.

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Posted by daveklepper on Sunday, June 25, 2023 2:46 AM

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) New York City Transit (NYCT) President Richard Davey today honored Veronica Santana and the entire NYCT Lost and Found team for their heroic efforts to reunite a World War II heirloom with its family. 

Santana, who handles lost wallets and identification cards for the Lost and Found, was working through her pile last Tuesday, June 13, when she came across a Naval ID for Naval Aviator Robert Carroll from the 1940s. The ID card was turned in at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn  subway station in Downtown Brooklyn before being shipped to the NYCT Lost and Found office at Penn Station. 

“Moments this unique and special do not happen often, but they do provide a great insight into the important daily work of New York City Transit’s Lost and Found team,” said NYC Transit President Richard Davey. “The effort Veronica and the team made to ensure this special family heirloom was returned home speaks volumes to how they approach their jobs and embodies the type of customer service Transit strives for every day.” 

Santana, who comes from an army family, took a personal interest in getting this Naval ID back with its next-of-kin. Santana and the Lost and Found team called various branches of the military, searched all over the internet, looking for some type of contact information for next-of-kin to get the heirloom back home. That is when Santana found a Facebook post from Stephanie Carroll, the daughter of Naval Aviator Robert Carroll. 

Carroll brought her father’s Naval ID to a special showing of Top Gun: Maverick last fall for veterans in Upper Manhattan, which is the last time Carroll thought she would see the heirloom after being unable to locate it in her hotel room. Carroll then posted the picture of the ID that night on Facebook, the post Santana would use to validate that she found the right family member. 

During a stop-in visit to the Lost and Found, NYCT President Davey was pulled aside by Santana who told Davey the full story of this discovery. That is when Davey’s office performed outreach of their own and connected with Carroll, setting the stage for the reunion of the heirloom and the meeting between Santana and Carroll at Penn Station. 

The two met each other on Friday, June 23, and the heirloom of the Carroll family returned home to Stephanie Carroll. 

“I lost this months ago in the fall and I thought I would never see it again,” said Carroll. “I was showing it to people [at the Top Gun: Maverick viewing]. I showed it to producers and actors, they were interested to see it, and then I went to show it to someone and it was gone.” 

“When it came across my desk I had to, it was a mission,” said Santana. “I was thinking about my godfather because he was in World War I. For me it was personal. If he had lost his ID, he would want someone to return it back to the family.”
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Posted by daveklepper on Wednesday, July 5, 2023 1:48 AM


July 03, 2023

MTA Adds 24 Musicians and Musical Groups to Music Under New York Program Following Auditions Held Wednesday, June 28

Forty Finalists Auditioned Following 128 Applications Across All Genres

For the First Time, the Public Will Be Able to Vote for Its Favorite Performer: Voting Begins July 19 for Riders? Choice Award Enabled by WE LOVE NYC and Shutterstock.


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that it is adding 24 musicians and musical groups to its Music Under New York program (MTA MUSIC), following auditions held last week.


The auditions were conducted by MTA Arts & Design, which provides visual and performing arts in the MTA network.ÿForty acts auditioned on Wednesday, June 28, at Grand Central Madison, after 128 had applied for the opportunity. Normally an annual occurrence, the auditions were the first to be held since May 21, 2019, and the 33rd to be held since the MTA MUSIC program began in 1987. Musicians were given five minutes to perform live for the public and a panel of judges consisting of musicians, music professionals, and transit representatives. The judges scored the performances based on a slate of criteria of quality, variety, and appropriateness for the transit environment.ÿ


The MTA is partnering with WE LOVE NYC and Shutterstock to introduce the Riders? Choice award, the first time the public has ever been invited to select their favorite MTA MUSIC performer. Beginning July 19, New Yorkers and beyond can vote on the MTA?s website for their favorite of three finalists from the June 28 audition. The first-ever Riders? Choice winner will be announced on July 27.ÿ


"Music Under New York combines two of New York's greatest loves, music and transit,"Governor Kathy Hochul said. "This program is a model for public arts around the world, and the WE LOVE NYC partnership encourages riders of every background to get involved."ÿ


?Public transit is the lifeblood of the region, and the lifeblood of public transit can be found in the unique energy and dynamism that exists nowhere else but the New York transportation system, enhanced by great music,?ÿsaid MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber.ÿ


?The North Star of New York City Transit is better customer service ? faster, cleaner, safer service for our riders,?ÿsaid NYC Transit President Richard Davey. ?A better environment in our stations, which will be made possible by these great musicians selected for the program this year, is a big part of that. Every subway rider remembers a time when a musician stopped them in their tracks and offered a moment of joy, excitement, or calm that great music can bring."


"Music Under New York performers add warmth to the major LIRR and Metro-North hubs in New York City,"ÿsaid Metro-North Railroad President and LIRR Interim President Catherine Rinaldi.ÿ"It is exciting to know that for the first time in four years we?ll be able to hear new musicians in our iconic spaces.?


?The auditions are a unique New York experience; a showcase of musical performances that reflect the diversity of New York,?ÿsaid MTA Arts & Design Director Sandra Bloodworth.Hosting the Music Under New York auditions for the first time since 2019 was truly memorable ? there was a plethora of talent drawn to the opportunity to perform with Music Under New York ? in the greatest venue there is and where dreams can flourish.?


?The only way to build on the magic of Music Under New York is to invite New Yorkers to get directly involved. We are thrilled to introduce the WE LOVE NYC Riders? Choice award and herald the return of a new cohort of performers,?ÿsaid Partnership for New York City President and CEO Kathryn Wylde.ÿ?From July 19 on, every Riders? Choice vote will be an act of love for New York City?which is precisely what WE LOVE NYC is encouraging all across the five boroughs.?ÿ


This year?s additions to MTA MUSIC are:

* Afro Dominicanoÿ? Latin fusion band

* Augie Belloÿ? saxophone

* Brass Queensÿ- female brass band

* Petro Drozda aka GooD MooDÿ? accordion

* Antonio Figueiredo da Silva aka Tony Bokaÿ? jazz guitar

* Roy Futaba Jazzÿ? jazz trio

* Jerald Graham aka FlyBayJayÿ? R&B singer

* Rorie Kellyÿ? vocals, keys, guitar, beatboxing, looping

* Davide Lauraÿ? violin looping

* Corcel Magicoÿ? folk rock band

* Gabriel Mayersÿ? singer-songwriter

* Von Middletonÿ? entertainer

* Jeremiah Moore aka Jem Bleuÿ? R&B, pop, singer-songwriter

* Alejo Portelaÿ? Vallenato accordion

* Sean Rosenberryÿ? Irish & folk fiddle

* Raphael Batista Silva aka Raphael Batistaÿ? violin

* Edgar Suarezÿ? salsa & merengue vocalist

* Subterranean Jazzÿ? jazz band

* Triad Brassÿ? brass band

* Villagers Brass Bandÿ? brass band

* Devon Webster aka Maestro Kaisoÿ? violin

* Denise Weeksÿ? gospel & soul singer

* Samoa Wilson aka Fatboy Wilsonÿ? folk & blues singer

* Mehmet Akif Yuksel aka Yosoya Kifÿ? violin

Amid the excitement of the day, Rinaldi kicked off the event with opening remarks. Bob Holman, proprietor of the Bowery Poetry Club and Master of Ceremonies, served as emcee throughout the day and special guest, Cyr‚, an artist of music and the film-making mediums, joined the many esteemed panel of judges.


The judges and the public were treated to performances during the breaks by existing members of the MTA MUSIC roster that included Eganam Segbefia, a trumpet player; Azusa SHESHE Dance, a gospel/blues singer; and a spontaneous performance by Jonathan Green, baritone, and member of the Opera Collective.ÿ


MTA Arts & Design typically adds up to 25 acts each year to the MTA MUSIC roster, which includes more than 350 performers representing a wide variety of musical genres and cultures as diverse as New York City itself. Once accepted, MTA MUSIC performers are hosted at approximately 40 high-traffic locations throughout the transit network, including MTA subway stations and commuter rail terminals, with schedules revised every two weeks. They can be spotted by a bold magenta Music Under New York banner with the name of each act. The program was put on hold in March 2020 with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, andresumedÿon June 4, 2021.


Applications for MTA MUSIC open each year in January with a deadline for completed submissions online in March. Finalists are invited to audition before judges, and performers are chosen based on their scores from the auditions. Music Under New York is one of many visual and performing arts programs administered by MTA Arts & Design to enhance the station environment for customers.


MTA MUSIC hasÿmore than 350 performersÿshowcasing classical strings, jazz ensembles, world music bands, folk, a cappella groups, singer-songwriters and more, featuring a wide range of instruments such as the Gambian kora, Korean drum, West Indian steel drums, Andean pipes, Cajun cello, Celtic and Baroque harps, guitars, violins, hammered dulcimers and musical saws. Performers are programmed at 43 MTA MUSIC locations throughout the transit system, including subway stations and MTA commuter rail terminals and the Staten Island Ferry terminal. MTA Arts & Design presents more than 7,500 musical performances in the transit system every year. The musicians perform in designated locations with a Music Under New York banner that features their name and the Music Under New York logo.


About MTA Arts & Designÿ

MTA Arts & Design encourages the use of public transportation by providing visual and performing arts in the New York metropolitan area. The Percent for Art program is one of the largest and most diverse collections of site-specific public art in the world, with more than 350 commissions by world-famous, mid-career and emerging artists. Arts & Design produces Posters, Digital Art, photographic Lightbox exhibitions, as well as live musical performances in stations through its Music Under New York (MTA MUSIC) program, and the Poetry in Motion program in collaboration with the Poetry Society of America. It serves the millions of people who rely upon MTA subways and commuter trains and strives to create meaningful connections between sites, neighborhoods, and people. To learn more, visitÿÿor follow on Twitter at@MTAArtsDesign.



WE LOVE NYC is a cross-sector campaign to showcase the city?s strengths and mobilize New Yorkers to make sure this remains the greatest city in the world. The citywide campaign celebrates New Yorkers who are making a difference ? the ?Do-ers? ? and features opportunities for civic engagement that everyone can join. No taxpayer dollars were used for this effort, and all New Yorkers are invited to get involved atÿÿ

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