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Posted by daveklepper on Sunday, January 8, 2023 12:44 AM
 When we look at our little country from above, the biggest problem facing us is the bad transport situation. The roads are clogged, there are too many cars, people drive like 'crazy' and the bus service is far from 'good'.
   The main priority over the next few years must be to plan and build more rails, a smart distribution of bus services and force the car driver to leave his car at home.
   This process will take years, as educating the driver and creating more public transport is a long-term activity. In the meantime, a quick and instant solution is to create 'car-less' days, whereby the driver gets the choice to either not use his car or pay a lot of extra money for the right to use a car on certain days and certain times.
    A simple electronic Wi-Fi system that follows every car [ and truck]  -on the road, can be installed in every car and then the computer does the calculations and sends the bill electronically to the car owner every month.
   If a car owner knows that it will cost him an extra 50 shekels to use his car at peak-time - on busy days, then he will 'change' his driving habits.
   I hope our Ministers will jump on this idea and start to 'fix' our transport problems
Shabbat Shalom



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