More GT46C ACe units for Australia

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More GT46C ACe units for Australia
Posted by M636C on Monday, December 26, 2022 1:54 AM

Three GT46C ACe, the smaller and lighter standard gauge variant, were recently hauled to Norfolk VA for shipment to Australia. These are thought to be similar to the three built as demonstrators but delivered directly to One Rail. The new locomotives are said to be numbered GWB 104 to 106 in sequence.

But more have been ordered, CBH in Western Australia have ordered seven (they have only five standard gauge locomotives so far) QUBE have ordered twelve and and SSR, known for locomotives over 70 years old, have ordered two, giving them a total of four of this type. These units all meet Tier 3 emissions requirements.

24 units is a large group of orders for Australia and brings the total of this type to around one hundred, counting both versions. 

Certainly Progress seems to have a continuing business in new export locomotives.


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Posted by Tubby Lunchbox on Friday, March 24, 2023 4:46 AM

I can direct you to videos of the GWB's. The T3 emmisions is a non-event & have a 'Fuel Economy' aka T0 on the fly switch. I would expect if these are used on Inland Rail to Acacia Ridge that they would be in T0 mode West of Toowoomba & T3 mode entering Toowoomba & descending in to the Scienec Rim. As you would know, EMD built a T4 Loco, but it requires SCR. Additionally, Progress Rail offer T4 710 EMD's built 'In the Same Footprint' donkeys for boats.


Tubby Lunchbox.


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Posted by BDA on Sunday, March 26, 2023 2:45 AM

If you mean the SD70ACe-T4 then no , no SCR .

Tier 4 on the water with a 710 is here . It's not surprising with unlimited cold water for charge air cooling .

I'm not sure how you can switch from Tier 0 to Tier 3 emissions output . I have seen T2 PA and comprerssion ratio figures stenciled on the side of a rebuilt LDPs crank case . I would have to look but I think I remember CR and charge cooling differences between T2 and T3 710s . I think it's a bit more involved than ECU settings . 

Also the specs I saw for T2 and T3 16-710s showed 4300 and 4500 hp outputs . I think the SD9043MACs were also 4300 and possibly Tier 0 .

I have an SD70ACe operators manual somewhere , I'll check it out . 

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