A Week in the Life of UP7549

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A Week in the Life of UP7549
Posted by bakupolo on Monday, October 22, 2007 8:04 PM

UP7549, an AC6000 heavyweight, showed up stationary at the siding in front of the Austin, TX AMTRAK station about a week ago. I work a block away and mosey over on breaks. It was fun to get close to the big girl even though she was cold and quiet.

A couple days later, a huge crane (actually 2 cranes) showed up with an 18-wheeler. The crane lifted her up easily at one end and a crew removed two of her motor/axle units, replacing them with simple unpowered axles. The motors were lifted on the truck and drove off. A mechanic told me that the gearboxes ran dry and froze. I was surprised to see the enclosed motor units - in the older engines there was a simple gear on the motor and one inside a wheel. For a gearbox to be required, I guess the AC motors spin very fast. That would explain the big HP and pulling power.

I watched them start her up and was amazed how easy and fast it was, like starting a car. Somehow I thought a 6000 HP diesel would be more - dramatic! They had her running (on 4 motors) last Thursday but she's still in Austin - or was this morning at least.!A3B3FEFF264976CA!123/

Some pix. 



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