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Posted by henry6 on Monday, December 7, 2015 3:42 PM

Have made a few changes to our Wed 12/16 trip to Roosevelt Island.  Have cut out the LIRR to Port Washington.  Instead...Lv Binghamton before 6AM...probably to Lake Hopatcong for 1074's 8:42 departure arriving Dover 8:55AM. Then #6628 lv 9:06AM Ar NYP 10:25AM where we'll meet Steve and Ken at the LIRR.  If nice weather, we'll walk a long block east to Herald Sq. and get the F train to Roosevelt Ave.; if too cold, we'll take a 1,2 or 3 to 42ndSt, then an N, R or Q to 34st then get the F train.  Pastrami sandwiches seem the order for lunch; if nice, from M&D Deli and eat outside, if not so nice there is one place right at the F stop another not far away.  After lunching, we'll  Tram to 59ths St and Lexington Ave for the 6 train to City Hall Station loop then to 14th St and the N or Q train to Astoria and back to Queens Plaza for the 7 train to Flushing then to GCT at 42nd St to see the MTA Museum Annex Christmas train layout.  From there...we'll judge the time and see what else we can do trying to get the 7 to it's new West Side Terminal and walk to NYP from there.  Full car out of Binghamton at the moment, another driver want to step in and see how many others want to go (riders share gas with drivers) from Binghamton or along the Rt81-380-80 corridor.  Anyone else can of course join us anywhere enroute just please let me know in advance where and when.  PM here, at or check FB group RIDEWITHMEHENRY.  You pay your fares and extra charges. 

RIDEWITHMEHENRY is the name for our almost monthly day of riding trains and transit in either the NYCity or Philadelphia areas including all commuter lines, Amtrak, subways, light rail and trolleys, bus and ferries when warranted. No fees, just let us know you want to join the ride and pay your fares. Ask to be on our email list or find us on FB as RIDEWITHMEHENRY (all caps) to get descriptions of each outing.

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Posted by wanswheel on Thursday, December 17, 2015 7:43 PM
Henry, how’d it go?  Did you ride the 7 to the new station near the High Line?
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Posted by henry6 on Thursday, December 17, 2015 7:51 PM
After each trip I file a report on several FB pages and to my emailing list.  Here is what I sent out today:
Fluidity is something a railfan learns in face of uncertainty and fast changing conditions. Such is the case that opened the train riding portion of Wed Dec 16th RIDEWITHMEHENRY venture.  AIn a Vegas recording Sammy Davis, Jr. once announced at the beginning of a set, "the program  scheduled to be cancelled at this time will now be heard".   Oh, yeah, we got out of Binghamton in great shape and arrived at Netcong station, parked, and boarded train 1074 on time and at Dover got mid train seats aboard train 6628 which departed on time toward New York's Penn Station.  That's where we were headed, our tickets said that.  And Ken Schumacher. would be waiting for us there.  But as we were leaving Chatham station the murmur through the car was, "we're being diverted to Hoboken for some reason".  Ok...been there done that.   Call Ken let him know.  But also caution him that whatever the problem the situation might clear up and we just might be going to NYP after all so I would call him back when leaving Newark.  But it was Ken who got back to me at Secaucus to tell us that there was a disabled Amtrak train and our train was now carded to go to Hoboken for sure and that he was going to grab the next Hoboken bound train; at Hoboken we'd remap out our day's schedule.  And as we left Newark the announcement was we were on our way to Hoboken.  And as we encountered the interlocking at Kearney we were being switched to the Corridor and were actually on our way to NYP...a little late, but on our way.  A quick call to Ken who had just boarded a Hoboken bound train; but he was able to get off and head to NYP, too.   So a bit late we met up with Ken and began our two legged trek west on 34Th St to the new Hudson Yards terminal of the 7 train near the Javits Center where John Landry was awaiting us.  And it was about a block and a half further west than I thought it would be, so the trek took a few minutes longer but, hey, no problem.  John Garcia had suggested this routing and he was right.
Hudson Yards Terminal is now the deepest station on the subway system (by 25 feet compared to the F stop on Roosevelt Island) and really beautiful, spacious, and a whole new style.  A train was ready to go so we boarded and were soon at the 5th Ave. stop on 42nd St where we took the F train to Roosevelt Island arriving just after regaining our lost time, putting back on schedule.  But what we were to encounter next...well, not a great lunch for several reasons including wrong orders and slow service.  But it was right there at the F stop.
We finished up and meandered over to the Tram stop where the is a transplanted (from Manhattan) Trolley Kiosk now an information booth and museum type store which demanded our attention before we jumped across the East River.   Only one of the two trams were operating on an every 15 minute schedule back and forth.  But the ride is breathtaking.
At Ken's suggestion we decided to get the N or Q train to Astoria before doing anything else, so west one block on 60th St. and down the stairs as an N train departed to Long Island.  No problem, right?  I mean N trains run every 8 minutes and Q trains run every 8 minutes so there are 4 minute headways spliced somehow by R trains going elsewhere.   It took about 5 minutes for an R train to be next to the platform where it lingered for almost five minutes while perhaps emergency personnel appeared to be going on and off the train at the far end of the platform and a pair of headlights (ditch lights) pulled into view behind it.  Soon the doors closed and the R whisked off under the River while another N train slid to a stop for us to board; we were soon on our way up Steinway St. to Ditmars Blvd. terminal snug up against the approaches to the Hell Gate Bridge.  But not to tarry!  We reboarded the N train to reverse direction back to Queensboro Plaza for the second 7 train ride of the day, this time to Main St. Flushing.
 Can't say enough about this line.  Up and over Amtrak and NJT's sprawl called Sunnyside Yard twice with the LIRR splicing through, the NY and Atlantic RR hiding here and there, and a third crossing of the LRR at Woodside.  Then there is the variety of construction....having come up from under the East River to a semi enclosed right of way enroute to "S" curves on typical el structures; the upstairs/downstairs/side by side Queensboro station shared with the N and Q trains (at the only link the 7 trains have to the outside world); the three track main up the center of Queens Blvd. on a concrete bound structure leading to the curves and el structure entering Woodside; the three track double level right of way through Flushing with entrance to the shops and yards adjacent to the fabled property of Word Fairs; then the drop to a subterranean terminal at Main St.  This is a railfan's  dream of trains...sometimes on two minute headways..., track, and operations along with the sights.  And today's special was track and signal work being done north from Plaza to Woodside and Junction Blvd. so we expressed non stop here.  Then, southbound, similar trackwork put the train into express mode to Junction Blvd.   The 7 train is always an experience worth the ride. 
We were pushing time so thought different about doing GCT or even going up to Rockefeller Center as we've all done that before.  Instead with put our minds into getting to Hoboken in hopes of boarding one from the 5PM fleet out to the hills.  But first the bucket list requisite we all had in sight: the 6 train through the old City Hall Station on the Lexington Ave. Line.  We detrained from our 7 train at Grand Central Sta. moved swiftly to the platforms of the 4. 5. and 6 trains push ourselves aboard a five train as it pulled in to take us express to 14th St. where a 6 train arrived across the platform and unloaded enough passengers so the we could board it. Within minutes the train emptied as the last stop was announced at Brooklyn Bridge; the doors slid shut and soon we were winding our way through the tunnels and past the dim cavern once the showplace of subway stations, New York City Hall!  Despite the faint look, it was something eerie to view.  Within seconds we arrived back at Brooklyn Bridge and said our good byes for the day to John L who was headed to GCT and his train home.  We got up the stairs and over to the downtown platforms to board a 4 train for a one station ride to Fulton St.  and our walk to the PATH station deep below the surface of Vessey St. and Broadway many streets there you know... and in the shadow of the new huge bird like structure soon to be the new PATH terminal.   By golly, gee willikers, we might make it to Hoboken in time for the 4:33PM departure of #643 MU to Dover which departs three minutes behind the Hackettstown train 1079 via Montclair/Boonton but arrives in Denville and Dover three minutes behind the trio of MU's.  ( Sorry, NJT, diesel nor electric nor dualie locomotives don't provide what MU's can: trains that glide rather than ride, quick starts and stops, no jerking and bunching and bouncing, just fast, strong service. I can see why they are assigned to the P&D and even for Corridor patrons.  But there should be more of them.  Especially on the Morristown lines.)  And lo and behold, we were into Hoboken at 4:20PM.  We bid our good byes to Ken and were able to make 643 and were back to Netcong at 6:20PM where in biggest and best surprise awaited us.
Nothing to do with trains...except if you understand railfans enjoyment of culinary delights.   We had Carmines Pizzeria and Restaurant in our sights...I mean in it two doors down from the station parking lot there in Netcong...where for various reasons we haven't had the pleasures of in over a year.  Imagine the waitress saying, " Ok, now,  I remember you want separate checks."  And a few seconds later asking for our drink order then looking at me and  saying, "I know you'll want coffee and a Canole for dessert so I'll put a fresh pot on when you are getting close to finishing dinner.  And you want a Canole to take home", then looking at the others, "and you'll want some too."  I mean, it's been over a year and she knew and remembered us and our choices.  That is impressive and returned my faith in wait staffs after the last several encounters, including today's lunch and last month's dinner in Quakertown.  At Carmines, I won't recommend anything to you because I've never had a bad meal there,  the Italian dishes and sauces are perfect, and the Chicken Marsala was great and surprisingly with apparent low sodium which is so healthy.  Carmines...Main St. Netcong. 
And yes, we were even home in Binghamton just after 11PM already envisioning what riding we'll be doing in 2016.
Oh, and by the way...were you keeping track of our many different rides?  I think it was a record if not near one:  total, including 4 NJT trains, a PATH train, a tram ride and 9 different subway moves!   So much to see, so many to ride.  And we've got a new year ahead to see what more we can do.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and to all a good train ride.

RIDEWITHMEHENRY is the name for our almost monthly day of riding trains and transit in either the NYCity or Philadelphia areas including all commuter lines, Amtrak, subways, light rail and trolleys, bus and ferries when warranted. No fees, just let us know you want to join the ride and pay your fares. Ask to be on our email list or find us on FB as RIDEWITHMEHENRY (all caps) to get descriptions of each outing.

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