And Mr. Railroad is...

Posted by Brian Schmidt
on Monday, February 20, 2017

A selection of Brian Solomon's books from the David P. Morgan Memorial Library. Photo by Brian Schmidt
First, let me thank the nomination committee for its work. I originally intended to leave this this an open-ended question, but after reading all your comments for these past few weeks I've decided to reach a conclusion. (Yes, yes, you're welcome.)

With the qualifications of my first post in mind, I have selected prolific author and new Trains Magazine columnist Brian Solomon as Mr. Railroad. He has more than 60 railroad publications to his name, titles that are among the most accessible in the field. Some of the hobby's elite will scoff at "Caboose" or "Railway Masterpieces," but they all forget one key element – each and every railroad enthusiast has to start somewhere. And so Solomon's work often fills that void, bringing the much-needed newcomers into to the hobby.

Beyond that, Solomon's books are often also a comprehensive source for subjects such as signals, intermodal traffic, Chicago, and other topics within the hobby. While some titles I feel that I have moved beyond, I'm proud to keep a number of his works in my home library.

Of course, I can't miss an opportunity to plug Brian Solomon's new monthly column in Trains, starting with the February 2017 issue. Each month, he endeavors to bring readers a little slice of railroading, with his unique international perspective. Kudos to him for continuing to make railroading accessible to all.

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