Pullmans to everywhere, no more

Posted by Brian Schmidt
on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On this, the traditional busiest travel day of the year, I found sobering map from Trains' past. In brief, red lines show Pullman service active in 1967 that also operated in 1927, while black lines show Pullman service discontinued in the intervening years. The map supports a five-page feature story in the October 1967 issue by Frank E. Shaffer. Contrasted with Amtrak's current route map, the Trains reader of 1967 must not have realized just how good he still had it when choosing travel by rail. The story ends thus:

"If there is any comfort in the constantly changing scene, it might be forming in the minds of those who view railroading with the realization that four decades from now, Trains will be publishing a sentimental review of the 'good old days' of 1967."

Well, Frank, consider this the sentimental review you predicted, just nine years late.

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