Five days, and counting

Posted by Brian Schmidt
on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Union Pacific switch job hustles out of the yard at Butler, Wis., on March 6. Photo by Brian Schmidt
It occurred to me this morning that I have photographed at least one train each of of the five previous days. I doubt it's a personal record, but nonetheless it's a sure sign that spring is here. How long can I keep it going? I'd like to think at least as long as the sunshine holds out here. If I stretch it past a week I'd be inclined to call it a personal record, too.

I could still fumble it today — in spite of what my friends think, we still have a magazine to produce and I don't actually get paid to watch trains all day. The cloudless sky and rapidly melting snow are motivation enough to keep trying. And, yes, seeing a train in person still beats seeing dozens on the computer screen at work every day.

Shown here is a Union Pacific switch job departing the yard in Butler, Wis., on Friday; it is the train that started this five-day run. What could be next? Stay tuned.

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