Changed Toolbar

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Changed Toolbar

  • Recently, I started getting a new toolbar to use when I post here on the fourms. Unlike the old Toolbar, it doesn't play well with my Netscape 7.2.  I suppose I could learn how to use the new toolbar, start using another browser for surfing here, or just put up with it. It doesn't allow me to cut and paste, quote easily, etc, which is a real pain, to say the least.

    Does anyone have any idea if this is a temporary issue or if there are any options? I looked in my user profile and it does not appear to offer any options on this. 

    Mike Lehman

    Urbana, IL

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  • I had the same problem here with netscape, also with my bank's site and a few others. Seems a lot of sites don't bother writing for netscape anymore because not many people use it. My bank told me to switch to firefox and I have no more problems. It has all the same fetures { tabs, toolbars, bookmarks] and more people use it.I don't know why it works because they both use the same program, mozilla. but it does,  Denny