rusty track

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rusty track

  • Hum since im new here i shall ask a question and see if any old rail roaders can answer my need -----What chemicla can be used to stop the rust and clean up the tracks on lionel and bring them back to service.----IM wondering to what chemical this might be since there is a guy on ebay that is selling recondition track but wont give up the chemical , says it been around since ww2 .If anyone knows what it is --please let me know as steel wool and scotch bright pads are getting hard on the fingers here .my email addy is
    Thanks Greg
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  • Greg,

    Welcome, good to see someone newer than me.

    If I was you I would move the question to the Model Railroader forums, either the General Discussion or the Layout and Layout building . There are lots of guys who would know who read those, but possibly do not open this one. Or maybe not so often come here.

  • hi. i am also new to this forums.. plz.. tell me some good things about it.
  • i dont know of any chemical but a good high speed wire wheel tool works real good just have to be careful  if rust is too much replace it as it is between rails that cant be cleaned   hank
  • I am not aware of any product that will stop rust without coating the track. 

    The best product for rust cleanup that I have used is Navy Jelly which should be at your hardware or auto parts store.

    If you repost on the Classic Toy Trains forum the guys there might be able to help.

    Good luck
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  • Depends on how rusty ! Light rust ... thin light rust ... believe it or not an ink type eraser sold in walmart . Makes it shiny as heck too .... looks new . Leaves no scratch marks like wool or heavy duty scour pads . If you need wire brush or sanding paper .... I would'nt use the track myself . No messy chems . That guy is surely talking about naval jelly ... you can get it at walmart or home depot .... but only for heavy rust and is messy and sometimes does'nt work well .

  • I usally use baking soda or powder warm water and a scottbright to clean the rust off.
  • Depending on how heavy it is...sometimes you can get away with penetrating oil like WD 40 or Liquid personal favorite is PB Blaster.


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  • The CLASSIC TOY TRAINS forum is where LIONEL questions are best answered.

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