I am in mostly complete in rebuilding my collection of Lionel trains from when I was a kid.  A week ago, my Dad started talking about Lionel trains that he had as a kid (I never heard this in 50+ years).  The best I can figure is that he had the 1949 1425B Steam Switcher kit.  I found a video on youtube where somebody showed the entire 1948 catalog and showed the 1948 version of the 1425B kit.  My dad specifically remembers that he had a 2-handle transformer similar to the 1033 (a transformer that I had as a kid and still have).  The 1948 catalog shows a one handle transformer with the kit.  The 2019 Greenberg guide shows a slight difference in the rolling stock (and tender) between 1948 and 1949 but does not talk about the rest of the kit.  Does anybody have the 1949 catalog or know the details of what all came in 1949 (track, transformers, switches, etc...)?  Dad also talks about O versus O-27 and said he knew he had O because of the switches (O-22?).

My hope is to find the parts to this for him... as a gift.  I have some of them in my collection already, but  would like to rebuild a set for him to near what he had.

He referenced that the 6456 Hopper came with beans.  These beans would always spill out when they went too fast through the tunnel.  Are beans something that would have come with the set or is it something his dad added?